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RSS Rothschild

Reward Points:56
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Maybe this time around, communist China can help with the election too.

China is capitalist.

Rothschild(56) Clarified
1 point

My offspring (one word, by the way) ARE as stupid as me. That makes them far smarter with WAAAY more common sense than you.

Then why aren't you smart enough to be a trillionare and eat raw human flesh?

1 point


all of it.

Reason why that song sucks compared to K number 1: He claims he released twice as much raps this year than he did last year but he still isn't releasing as much as K Rino. K Rino released 4 new albums this month and a couple years back he released 7 in one year. In total he has around 50 albums.

Reason why that song sucks compared to K number 2: He tried to long-multi in the beginning but ended up using "fuckin'" three times then gave up.

Reason why that song sucks compared to K number 3: He says "I am my own master" as if that is supposed to be something revolutionary, not only is K his own master as well but anyone worth a fuck is in the first place, so him saying that like I'm supposed to be impressed is just a bore.

Reason why that song sucks compared to K number 4: He hates Hillary Clinton, but still sucks enough to attract fans who are stupid enough to like her.

Reason why that song sucks compared to K number 5: You constantly talk about how K isn't "ear pleasing" but man, that voice Webby makes on the chorus and throughout is so fucking irritating, it sounds like a mixture between Alex Jones, Canibus and an angry raccoon.

Reason why that song sucks compared to K number 6: "straight snap, I got a case of snapple" what a lame pun.

Reason why that song sucks compared to K number 7: His flow is entirely straight forward and never changes no matter how many times he switches the rhyme scheme.

Reason why that song sucks compared to K number 8: "I never gave a fuck about appearance and wealth" he says, yet you rail on all of my rappers for saying similar things and for not pursuing popularity and rapping solely to please others. On top of that he is a hypocrite, because he is much more focused on making money than he acts like and ironically only says that to look good for his consumers.

1 point

Would you care to explain how she's


Because she has only released like 3 albums for her whole career despite having plenty of time and resources, you wouldn't respect her half as much if you weren't in love with her, most of her music is not even rap, her rap skills are barely better than average, she never says anything meaningful or intelligent and spends half her albums making random noises and talking about her butt, boobs, and pussy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand 90% of your reasons for why she's a great rapper have nothing to do with actual rap skills.

1 point

What I love about little people is stepping on them

Couldn't agree more. I see the poor as a sub-species that should be treated as little more than beasts of burden.

1 point

Most rich people started out as not rich people.

How do ya figure? I was born into wealth because us Rothschilds are genetically superior and have been rich for generations.

2 points

I quite agree with you sir. I am so very amused by the poor little monkeys thinking their puny pathetic existence has any value. Sometimes I go down to serfville and kick over the cans that the homeless leave out, hoping for hand outs. I tell them to get a job and tell them they are not worthy of breathing the same air as me. Also, rich people's dicks and boobs are twice the size of poor people's on average, according to statistics.

0 points

Where is your oxygen coming from that you breathe when the seasons change ?

I don't breath oxygen, I'm a reptillian cyborg.

1 point

You in the mind that you think you own know i deny the Global Hoax of Climate Change ?

My, such poor sentence structure. Such as I've come to expect from the common rabble.

It's winter and the trees are dying and the oxygen level on earth is diminishing !

I doubt you will live long enough to see the full effect of global warming, your liver will kill you long before that happens. You moonshine drinking, tobacco chewing hick.

2 points

So when is Global Warming to exterminate the human race ????

Global warming is caused by stuff that makes Jews like me lots of money. Thank you for denying it's existence.

Does that have something to do with Individualism there Brit Troll ???

No. Don't they have facilities for people like you?

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