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RSS Rubini

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The improvement of modern technology improves the quality of life depending on the type of healthcare being provided.Rapidly changing medical technology and the availability of high technology medical equipment has revolutionized the way healthcare is being delivered in the current world such that, without doubt, it improves the quality of life and also causes implications in one's life. However, it solely depends on the context of healthcare one is looking into. Cocaine was previously used as an anesthetic while people underwent operations as it eases the pain when an individual is going through an operation. However, nowadays, drug addicts pay large sum of money to buy cocaine for the 'high' feeling they can get from the use of such drugs. This has severely affected many teenagers worldwide as they have resorted to taking drugs such as cocaine. However, there are also widespread benefits as minimally invasive surgeries, especially cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, have also become more common in recent years which improves people's quality of life as they are able to go through this surgeries and cure health implications. Plastic surgery on the other case scenario has improved the lives of people where acid attack victims in countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan can have a face surgery to get back their original look and this helps to avoid depression, low self-esteem and social isolation they may face with an acid attack where their face is disfigured and they prefer not to face the society due to the discrimination they may face. However, there are also cosmetic surgeries which affects life as the upcoming generations of the person who has gone through plastic surgery may suffer the after-effects. Hence, the fact that modern technology improves the quality of lives is highly dependent on the context of healthcare in which it is identified. :)

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