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RSS RustysGoblin

Reward Points:97
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10 most recent arguments.

Democrats voted for Robert Byrd, KKK Grand Wizard, for 50+ years, until he died in 2010.

Bout 10 days ago, I made an "uninformed" prognostication about the Mueller probe.. Turns out, I wasn't as "uninformed" as I thought..

Excon admitting his posts are uninformed

Gay. Very, and extremely, and pretty much just gay.

Going to be kind of hard. We have the guns, and you hate police and the military. What are you going to do when we say no

We have to judge a person for his actions as an adult

He was Valedictorian of his highschool, first in his class at Harvard Law School and has no record of criminality in 50+ years, clean as a whistle.

Looks like what I said is true. It's ok to rape girls as long as you're conservatives according to conservatives.

You raped a girl in junior high. Prove me wrong.

RustysGoblin(97) Clarified
1 point

My take on him is he was Valedictorian of his highschool and of Harvard Lawschool and has 300 legal opinions that people can review. The Democrats challenged none of it in a hearing about his qualifications.

You mean out of Marx's cornhole.

It wouldn't be morally justified. You asked how it could happen.

2 points

You should support the Republican Party. The Democrat Party has gone full blown Marxism and Saul Alinsky.

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Winning Position: Can't tell the difference
Tied Positions: It's sooner now vs. Democrats never learn
Winning Position: Oranfe is Excon
Tied Positions: ROFLMAO vs. Can't beat that stupid logic

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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