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0 points

Reminiscent of how the OTHER "DONS" handled their "witnesses" … with fear of retribution! Kind of a fascist trait, wouldn't you say!??

The left didn't allow anyone from the right to even speak during the "impeachment inquiry". The right used their own tactic against them in the Senate by giving them the same treatment for obvious reasons.

Video of the left not allowing the right witnesses or questions in the House-

-1 points

Speaking of "free speech censoring" … how many Americans did Herr John "allow" to speak at his "trial"!?

No idea. Who is "herr John"? Do you even know, because I don't.

-1 points

After all, WE have to protect ourselves from the right wing radicals and fascists

Fascism puts the state in control of everything from food to healthcare, to who gets paid what, demands allegiance to the state, and uses physical force to muzzle speech against the state. Conservatism's position on the state, guns, and free speech are literally the opposite of Fascism.

The left is promoting that exact ideology.

-1 points

TRY to sell the left as "gun grabbers", and must be stopped!

Leftists in power are gun grabbers.

Biden Says Beto O’Rourke Will ‘Take Care of the Gun Problem with Me’


Beto “Gave Away the Game”: Will O’Rourke’s Hell-Yes we're gonna take your guns Moment Cost Him Back in Texas?

0 points

Free speech censoring

The left runs all of social media and only censors right wing speech. The right controls none of these outlets, nor does it use violence to shut down speakers. The left does. You know it, and I know it.

-1 points

The RIGHT WING is the "state loving

Conservatives hate the state. That's literally what a Conservative is. We believe in individualism over statism.

0 points

Good question. Facebook blocked me from posting a link about the 2nd Amendment. Whether you agree or disagree with the 2nd Amendment, why censor the speech?

1 point

It illustrates very poignantly the contemptible dishonesty and purposeful distortions which define your evil character.

That's a compliment coming from a statist, National Socialist, Islam loving Fascist.

1 point

Do you even understand numbers? The article is from 2009, not 1996.

You presented no article, and even if that were true, 2009 is still over a decade ago.

1 point

The antichrist will be a Communist. Mark it down. That 666 mark to buy or sell definitely isn't Capitalism.

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