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1 point

I disagree, and apart from trying not to be too offended, I don't think you are fully looking at prayer. I can't say if prayer is necessarily helpful or not. However, even if there is no God, and the prayer is futile, at least psychologically it can, CAN, help people get through things. Even biologically, and this is something doctors have no explanation for, people have somehow survived unbeatable illness through sheer will. Well, if will can get you through that, and prayer can give you will, then maybe that can help. Also, think about doing hard work- if you do lots of charity work because you want to get to Heaven or whatever, who cares? The important thing is that you're doing it. The reason is less important than the end result. Personally, I believe in both hard work and prayer, but even from a secular point of view, it has at least some benefit.

1 point

Well, from a Jewish and therefore Christian and even Muslim perspective, both prayer and hard work (or acts of kindness) are two of the three pillars of religion. In Judaism, the three pillars are study, prayer, and acts of love and kindness. This argument is therefore fairly nonsensical unless someone goes into what takes precedence- and in that case, there is a debate to be had. Religiously though, at least in the Old Testament, they are equal and separate and if you believe that God can do things according to your prayer, then you would disagree with the above picture because then prayer does in fact solve the problem. Personally, I think a balance of all three is what people should be paying attention to and striving for. I also think that just praying, just studying, or just acts of kindness, are not enough.

1 point

Good ad, but I would say that the majority of those issues Obama was in agreement with McCain, sans the taxes. By the way, where did McCain think he was going to get the money to balance the budget if he was going the (allegedly) lower taxes?

Taxes should be way more proportional to income, like Obama has it. It would be nice to lower middle-income taxes as well, but we simply can't afford that right now. Solution? Make the rich actually pay their dues.

Yay Obama! He won... :D

1 point

Yeah, exactly. This is a video which shows the other side. It doesn't do what Stern did, and I think that should still be done, but it does indeed show misconceptions and beliefs of other parts of the country. That guy who was supporting Obama, I hope he does alright safety-wise...

1 point

I don't think that this is an accurate representation of the whole populace, but I do believe these voters are clueless. HOWEVER, I think that the exact same thing could be done in the south with white voters for McCain. You have to show both sides of the voters, and then make the conclusion about voters in general, not just one side. A small sampling is still indicative of nothing- any poll needs at least 33% to be deemed credible as a correlative relationship in political science, and over 50% in other sciences. Ignorance is apparent on both sides, but be aware that the American people elected to have a democracy where EVEryone votes, so we reap what we sow. C'est la vie.

1 point

Check out this video! Props to the McCain campaign for squashing this, but also check out this article:

McCain doesn't want a Muslim representing the campaign on national television? Maybe, maybe... Thoughts and comments on both the video below and the followup article above would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, also I think we need to seriously look at our country's direction. If you replace the word Muslim with Jew, this country begins to look a lot like 1920's Germany. Just be aware of that and act accordingly- don't be sucked in by the propaganda.


Supporting Evidence: Muslim McCain Fans Confront Intolerance At Rally (VIDEO) (
1 point

Absolutely- I look forward to your response!

Check this out, too, by the way...

1 point

Absolutely. Thank you for that view- this was from a pro-life person, people. Pay attention!

1 point

By the way, ask McCain what McCain voted with Bush on, as McCain was the first one to state that fact. He said it in an interview on the news awhile ago, and was proud of it.

1 point

Okay, first of all: It's Barack Hussein, not Husain (wrong spelling), Obama, not Osoma (which, again, is not correct- Osama bin Laden is spelled Osama, not Osoma). McCain was a POW- FACT. Correct. Obama is not, was not, and will not be a terrorist, and is not related to Saddam Hussein. I don't know what your point is. Plus, insulting Iraq by insinuating that switching Barack with Iraq is somehow insulting disregards the whole nation and I think you owe a country much older than ours a little more credit. Barack means blessing in Hebrew, just so you know. Slandering him with nonsense is just that: nonsense. Furthermore, I don't care who is aggravated by this but while McCain was indeed a POW, and no one disputes his courage and fortitude, he really was not the best soldier. He barely squeaked through his military schooling, and remained while he was there at the bottom of the class rankings. He was behaviorally challenged while there and also crashed a plane or two- the only reason he wasn't kicked out and forgone his free education was because of his father. And, whether or not you choose to believe all of what I just said, he was only shot down and taken as a POW because he was flying in the wrong place. He was never supposed to be where he was. I AM NOT DISHONORING HIM- he is a war hero for remaining in the camp and everything, I understand, but he is not the man for president.

By the way, lostmma, check out where there is a detailed explanation for every attack against Obama, including accusations that he is a Muslim (not that there is anything wrong with that, but he's not), that he is not an American-born citizen (which he is; his birth certificate is online on that site), and that he [still] has ties to Bill Ayers- also disproved on the site.

About Me

"I feel that we need to get the voice of teenagers out there and show that soon-to-be voters are not unilaterally swayed towards one candidate/issue."

Biographical Information
Name: Søren Hough
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Religion: Jewish
Education: High School

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