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RSS SLarnott

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1 point

a woodchuck would chuk all the wood he could chuk if a woodchuck could chuk wood

1 point


but they could also suffer in hell for eternity or if they repent and are saved they can rejoice in the Lord for eternity; which also sounds good to me. im not necessarily arguing you so im not disagreeing

1 point

i suppose you think OJ is innocent as well then huh.....

Go on some of the prison websites and look at the crimes people have commited and why they're on death row.

If it was your wife/daughter/mom etc. that was murdered and/or raped you would probably think different

1 point

i will agree, oops. but i am well aware, i support your opinion. 'oops our bad' is not MY fault so i gotcha completely.

but then again; you seem like you are wavering. you cant rely on 'what if this person is innocent' ... that's just not how it works. death row is death row because people are not killed right away; especially in certain states. sometimes it takes years for it to actually happen.

1 point

hahah, no, ouch.....................................................

2 points

ohh yeahh, some statements are a little 'out there' but he is definitely a cool character and funny; not only that, some situations are relatable lol

9 points

PIRATES! besides, Johnny Depp is hotttt ;)


1 point

I think that the situation that the criminal is in, should determine their punishment. If the crime is that sick, death penaly should be an option.

1 point

Absolutley. Even though some bullies are minors, doesn't mean the situation they caused should just be forgotten about. As goes for the person who is the victim. They shouldn't have to relive the memory of their accident, and have to worry about others being in danger of the same thing.

1 point

no way, my great grandpa dropped out of school in the 8th grade to work on a farm. He now owns 2 businesses and is a multi-millionaire. so naahhh

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Name: Layci 
Gender: Female
Marital Status: In a Relationship
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other
Education: High School

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