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2 points

My uncle (who is blind) said his dreams had bright colours in them and peoples faces, but he lost his sight instead of being born that way, so it depends on what kind of blind person - one who was born that way might have different dreams than those who lost their sight

1 point

I'm just tagged as army but tbh i think that they both are good. Each of them have good things about them and bad things. Actually, I don't care :D

6 points

England has fish and chips. i like fish and chips. and snails :D

6 points

blahalbhalhbalbjaihba chips and burgers bleheheehee blaha blahbha -.--.--..-

5 points

Living for oneself gives certain pleasure, but living for god gives uncertain pleasure, ergo.

3 points

haha, that was just to kick start the debate. :3

Anyways, I feel that since I do not believe in god, why follow him? It's a bit like following a dictator who expects everything from you, in return for shallow promises.

-1 points

One sentence:

God keeps you safe and out of harm, and puts you through suffering so you can be stronger, so following god makes you stronger.

1 point

I think it should be classified into manslaughter (your (2) statement) and murder (your (1) statement) Manslaughter is not premeditated, thus i think that it does not deserve such serious punishment; however a planned MURDER is cold, horrific and inhuman - the killer does not deserve to live.

1 point

Nothing is going to happen; except for many people dying of natural causes as in any day, many people being born, loads of christmas shopping and a heck load of idiotic morons worrying their butts off. :3

2 points

Why yes, of course! A parent's job is to guide their child throughout their life, aiding their decisions and teaching them how to deal with life and handle it. Letting a child run rampant at this stage could cause potentially disastrous results for the child, as they are unequipped with the necessary skills needed for life! They might think that they can handle themselves, but look no further than several disaster stories about teens going off on their own. Sure, it may be fun in the short-term, but it is no fun in the long-term.

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