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1 point

i just know that i am an Indian and i don't want to show my country down and the person who thinks that only by debate they will solve all the problems is wrong.

because they also know that how is there country.

3 points

i am satisfied with the above points because in India the latest data mentioned by the multinational companies is signifies that India is in the 5th ranking.

and i just want to clarify one thing to others that till now India is the only country to have so many big and multinational companies just like,dell,rebook, Adidas,Samsung, Nokia,

and one thing that reliance is the only company from India which is world class and every one is using.

and also the BCCI chairman has now become the ICC member.

and BCCI is the richest board of world.

in every criteria India is proving himself to be very self sufficient for the world.

1 point

actually i want to clarify that the point u have mentioned above is totally insane and lame because in human there is a lot of sacrifices which he/she one day will do. nt only this but also the person in the higher dignity or post will definitely look over to himself after that to other but this does not means that somebody is frustrated or depressed under someone. those are we only who can make this fact truly possible but we still have to wait for the chance for us to come .then only we can say someone that whether that person is selfish or only need to utilize his life style.

but , the point that u have mentioned about class and the position or the status then u are probably totally wrong because u are also a student and it looks not good to say to u that the position of the student decides his knowledge and if that student does not study then his position in the class will gradually fall down , so here is nothing to clarify that a student or a human is bundle of emotion.


try next time dude with some great point

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