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6 points

lil wayne is soo much better. everyone of his songs is a hit! there isnt a bad one on his albums

2 points

sex is a private thing that should not be decided by the government. if people have sex the right way when it is protected then there should be no problem. no matter what age u are there are woman getting pregnant because they dont practice safe sex. if you cant pratice it then your not responsible enough to have it

1 point

britishh accents are sooooooooooooooo sexyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

1 point

kids can barely concentrate with 180 days of school. if we continue throughout the summer students will become more distracted and less focused throughout school. Also it would effect kids with summer jobs who save their money for college

3 points

hellllll noo! love the one your with. it doesnt matter about age you are just as long as ur happy

1 point

Thankyou you so much finally someone agrees with me!!! His views are just so wrong

1 point

I loveeeeeeeee mini coopers!! that is my dream car. smart r so much more dangerous

5 points

nooo. hunting is a way to get food and survive. as well as fishing. If you abuse it and dont eat the fish you kill then i dont think its right but other than that there is no problem with it

1 point

about what else goes on in the world. men doing jobs that are more sterotypical is such a small thing in this world. its not even a problem. if we focused on others things maybe our world would be a better and safer place

1 point

well seeing as how we have never had a woman try to run for president i would say that a woman trying to get the democrat nomination is pretty close. if u really think that men doing jobs that are more sterotypical for a woman is a problem in our society than u havin no clue at all

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"add me if you want to know anything"

Biographical Information
Name: Suz 
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States

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