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RSS SanaDingley

Reward Points:10
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

In England, a fag is a cigarette. Nice try, dear. .

0 points

That is not true. I have been banned from here, SodaHead, and some con site back when I was a con. Hardly all over the internet, and stop acting like you respect Prod. Prod is a fucking genious, that is why I respect him, not that you know what respect is, being the typical con.

1 point

I am not harassing you. I am not harassing anyone. More slander. You will stop harassing me on that other site.

1 point

Liar. I have not done anything to deserve being reported to Interpol. I was threatened with rape, that person threatened to rape my mother, kill my family and me, you have slandered me beyond what should be expected of any human to tolerate (no animal killing, no Satanism,), you stalk me on other websites, another person stalked me on another website, even when I stopped attacking people, other people started drama anyway. you yourself made a troll account to impersonate me and disseminate false info on me, you have been warned multiple times to stop stalking me on, Hellno called me a pedophile (not true), publicly named the disability program I was in to make fun of me, multiple people including you trolled, spammed, and otherwise went off topic on my debates even when I behaved, you threatened to pay money to have me banned (extortion), and I am the one with the problem? Oh yeah, Big Ben, run with that. Fucking run with that. I have documented evidence of abuse against me, so really, don't fucking go there. As to the Hell thing, see you there. My punishment will probably be to deal with you for all fucking eternity. Besides, I am not the only who has made troll accounts. Downvote and Upvote were made by other users to troll, and Andy knew about it, and tolerated it. Sounds like corruption to me. I almost shit bricks when I had a chance to rate this website. Like I said, karma. My friends think that you are a twelve year old boy, and I can see why. You wanna play the prosecution game? Fucking bring it. I will be forced to tell the world everything I have said here, so fucking bring it.

1 point

Due what is right for you. That's all I can say. .

1 point

Most of the time, yes. I would be dead without mine. .

1 point

I was thinking last night, and I realized that both sides are insane. You are smart though, Joey, that's just my belief. ;)

1 point

I would be dead without Paxil. LOL. .

1 point

God will judge who is right and who is wrong on Judgment Day. .

1 point

That is not Islam. Those pigs hijacked and perverted Islam. .

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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