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RSS Satori

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Satori(39) Clarified
1 point

I won't dispute, but Source please? Thank you in advance.

1 point

Whoa, what the fuck happened to the language here?

ang communism man gud maayo ra sha pag theoritical basis pero pag huna hunaon njud ninyo sa realidad imposible kaayo sha oy. gna pa stay man gud na mediocre ang tao. kanang "pwede na" "choks ra". every person bya naay needs and wants based on study and maski unsa pa inyong ingnon naa juy chance na mangita jug way ang tao para makuha iyang wants pero unsaon mana nmo pagkuha kung limited ang gnahatag? mura ranang "ayy di nlng ko magstudy, mapasa rmn diay ghapon ko" murag sa communism ayy di nlng ko maningkamot ke mao rman ghapon nonsense ke dili ma suklian equally the same sa effort na akong gi exert. There's no such thing as equality bya. Nature jud bya sa tao na mu compete against other people unya sa communism ma deprive sha ana na nature ke mahulog na nonsense ghapon.

...I'm sorry I just got here. What's going on!?

1 point

This question was a bit tough tbh. I will NEVER say "I am wrong and you are right", but all the same, I will never say "I am right and you are wrong".

At least in subjective arguments. If it were something objective, such as Pedophilia being wrong, then I'd most assuredly flip shit if somebody said it should be acceptable.

1 point

You forgot the next paragraph... the warnings are unnecessary if the Bible is sacrosanct.

1 point

Thanks for your support. I was taking a long shot putting that debate up, and fetching those links.

When I learned of Paul's misdeeds, I almost flipped shit in my dismay.

2 points

Well... you gotta consider that the random human has a family that loves them.

I will admit that it is a hard decision.

1 point

God I love you. I could go on and on about this "goodmale" guy/girl (likely a guy), but you seem to be handling it well.

Also, he/she seems to be a "College Graduate". What with that Engrish, I doubt that.

1 point

Please have my Ally request. This was beautiful.

"LOL your so stupid and less smarter than me that you make me feel like Stephen hawking.

This is awesome.

less smarter


1 point

And so a book is completely immune to being edited? I'd like to note that there are multiple, very harsh warnings of MAAAASSIIIVE punishment for adding to, subtracting from, or changing parts of the Bible.

If it were the sacrosanct, infallible, perfect word of a perfect being, it'd be impossible to corrupt to begin with, and such warnings would never need to be put in there. It's also a great trolling tool to use if you DID pollute a holy book and don't want anyone to fix it.

Also, Apocrypha? We're not going to count it's subtraction by the Roman Catholics? There are a lot of cool stories there.

((Also, I digress, Ragnarok in Norse Mythology. I just wanna say that... for the record, I think that a bunch of Grumpy Teenagers likely vandalized the Norse Scripture to say that all the gods were going to get their asses handed to them by the demons/giants that they had been wrecking for the past few millenia. xD))

1 point

Romans 2:14-16...

>in the day when God will judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ, according to my gospel.

Hey look!

>according to my gospel

Moar Paul!

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