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RSS Saurbaby09

Reward Points:50
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point


You is ams a nazi! Go backs to da Germanies you skins heads!

1 point

Dey ams no believes in da Liechtenstein Country! HOW DARE THEY! They is ams so dumbs to not understandables the great Liechtenstein Country, it is ams da REAL DEAL!

2 points

Yes I doo believables in da so called miracles! Every times I is ams lookings at da Great Liechtenstein Country I is ams remind of what a miracle we ams!

0 points

Da school says many teachings for me to learn! Dey says too me how to count. Dey says too me how to write. Dey says too me how too read. Dey says too me how to praises da Dear Leader. All sorts of learnings!

3 points

Dees "four corners" ams not sa dey say, "real." I tooks da train from the Liechtenstein Country to these corners and when I shows up all der is ams dis circle.

1 point

I is ams smokins' da Liechtenstein Kountry Kush!

1 point

Dats questiongs ams nots da questions! Dis "young peopls " ams fucked... analy! Dey must ams deals withs da Green Party!

2 points

Ams dis meanings dat dis "supremecy courts" ams goin to deportinations me backs to da Liechtenstein country?

1 point

Dat ams mores ofs dis "Communist Party" da? BUll fecals! Dat ams da communist orgigy!

2 points

Ins da Liechtenstein Country it is ams da POLITES to smokes a joint ons your anus holes. Dat mas ours traditigonal cultures!

Displaying 7 most recent debates.

Winning Position: NO I IS AMS A LAZY HIPPIE!
Winning Position: Dat ams da true!
Winning Position: DIS BIBLE AMS DIDLOS
Winning Position: Dis games is ams da REAL DEAL!
Winning Position: Yeah it is ams da REAL DEAL

About Me

"I ams from da Liechtenstein country and I ams ones of da peoples from da Liechtenstein country!"

Biographical Information
Gender: grrrl
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Green Party
Country: Liechtenstein
Religion: Wiccan
Education: Masters

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