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1 point

Smashy smashy!

On a similar note, when I was at school, a friend of mine received a letter home from a teacher complaining that she wasn't completing her homework. Her mother therefore threw her TV out of the third story window as punishment.

1 point

Chill, dude, all that anger isn't good for you. Try to find some sort of release, a sport maybe?

I've not been made aware of any replies from you concerning militarism.

1 point

But if you were to eat bread and drink wine in a non-religious setting, without observing rituals of Christianity, and without thinking about praising God whilst doing so, then it would NOT be holy communion, it would just be bread and evening drinks.

2 points

It was not "don't ask don't tell" for straight people. If a straight man let on to his buddy that he slept with a woman the night before, would he be discharged? No! Would a straight man have to pretend that his boyfriend was actually just his roommate? Of course not! DADT was excessively hard on gay men, for no reason other than the continuation of an outdated policy.

1 point

You are trying to tell me that you are supposedly educated enough to have studied anything in detail, and yet you still cannot differentiate between 'your' and 'you are'?

Yeah, I call fake.

If you wish to only drink bottled water, be my guest. You are only wasting your own money with your paranoia.

1 point

Traditional yoga might be, modern yoga isn't. I strongly suggest you go to a yoga class so you actually know what you're talking about. I think you would find it informative.

1 point

So what? Do you think most yoga classes around the world focus on Hindu beliefs? Hell to the No! My local church hall has a yoga class in there, which just goes to show how outdated and excessive you views are.

1 point

Not where I live it isn't. Don't be so ethnocentric.

Secondly, you do realise that bottled water is in many cases just tap water, right? That's complete with all those lovely carcinogens from your mains supply.

1 point

Then why is their a problem in your eyes? Why should homosexuals have less rights than heterosexuals?

1 point

Three things; firstly, stop clogging the boards with repeatedly posting in order to bolster you side score.

Secondly, for the love of God learn to reply to an argument properly as opposed to just heading your post with their name, and finally, please, please proof read what you write. You are not helping yourself.

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