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10 most recent arguments.

Conspiracies are rarely proven true via conspiracy thinking. Normal evidence, logic, and science is usually more than enough to prove a conspiracy. In contrast conspiracy theories remain just that theories forever even as more evidence mounts against them and they become increasingly contradictory.

There are real conspiracy and conspiracy theories.

"The tobacco industry deceived the public about the harmful health effects of smoking. " Lewandowsky, S., & Cook

Read the handbook to learn the difference.

Supporting Evidence: Conspiracy theory handbook (

Eventually, about 100 years from now I agree.

I'm not a fan of Christianity nor any other mainstream religion, nor am I fan of the heavy handed new atheist movement. Religious trauma syndrome alone is enough to keep the pressure on theists. Yet, humans are predisposed to religion due to patternicity from evolutionary psychology.

Therefore, we are not going to get rid of religion within our lifetimes. It may be easier to fix religion. For example, take precautions to prevent sexual abuse.

Some would even argue the rise in conspiracy thinking is due to the void the new atheist movement created. Humans seems to need to believe in something big, but also important to them. Both religion and conspiracies fulfill this feeling of helpfulness.

In conclusion, I think such a proposal would be declaring war on over half the world's population and thus unfeasible.

Supporting Evidence: Religious trauma syndrome. (

Morality makes sense from a natural selection point of view. Let's take a group of birds. If all the birds were chaotic evil and constantly fought, stole, and betrayed each other the entire flock would die.

On the other hand if just one bird was chaotic evil and the rest were lawful good the chaotic evil bird has an advantage being able to steal behind the other birds back. Except, wait enforcement. If the lone chaotic evil bird was caught they would be punished negating the advantage.

If you want to learn more I recommend Bill Nye's Evolution Undeniable specifically the part about cleaner fish.

Yes, there are patterns. Planets tend to be around solar systems. Solar systems tend to have two suns. There are huge clusters of solar systems called galaxies. Yet, all can be explained mostly by gravity and none of that is proof of God.

As for the start of the universe and loop holes that is worshiping the God of the gaps. Lightning tends to hit high metallic objects, thus lightning rods.

Let's say if Zeus was real, why does lightning hit Zeus' temples? The same goes with Christians, why does lightning hit churches and nuns?

All that exists is pre-determined by a higher being which is God is inflammatory. Is cancer for devout Christians really pre-determined by God? All the malaria deaths?

The agony people have from toothaches? Seriously, God is malevolent or inconfident. Any moral confident God would have given Moses a toothbrush.

The problem with a creator even a simple creator in deism is that is a creator causes more questions than answers. Thus infinite regressions.

" Indeed, evidence from current functional magnetic resonance imaging research reveals that sweet taste and feelings of love share similar neural substrates"

Love is best explained by chocolate. Humans love chocolate. Love is very complex physical processes in the brain. For example loving your favorite sports team.

Supporting Evidence: Chocolate is love. (

Religion and patternicity are linked. There are type one errors and two. Homo sapiens who have more type one errors have an advantage in surviving jungle cat encounters.

Scenario there is a rustle in the tall grass behind you.

A. Type one error a false positive. An early hominid turns head but it just the wind, a false positive low cost of error.

B. Type two is a false negative. The person keeps walking not turning head. Turns out to be a hungry tiger and the person is eaten, very high cost of error.

Therefore, humans are predisposed to high patternicity thus religion and conspiratorial thinking.

Supporting Evidence: SA patternicity (

Anecdotal evidence is a logical fallacy. No, there are others. Yet, asking people so start at way below a living wage is inequitable.

A low minimum wage hurts BIPOC people more because racism lowers their pay.

Finally, people have a mid-career crisis. Company de-unionizes and everyone is outsourced or replaced by robots. All the sudden the skills that were useful are obsolete and people are forced to work at minimum wage.

Supporting Evidence: Anecdotal fallacy (

God is the start of everything? That doesn't sound very reasonable or convincing to an atheist. You provide no evidence that this is true.

The closest is in your link which is basically two word puzzles. The first about the existence of the universe, being best explain by God which is a very weak argument. No evidence despite the fact that science has provided evidence.

The second about morality, which can be explained by evolutionary psychology. That our distant ancestors needed some sort of morality to survive and thus natural selection favored morality.

The universe could have came from another universe, big bang, abiogensis, and evolution explains a lot scientifically.

No creationism and white supremacy are not straw man arguments because it explains why creationism is pushed so hard and will not go away. If Mormons are racist then, it is reasonable that other Christian denominations are also racist.

Sand dunes can be made by wind and gravity. Lightning can strike and scar a tree. A meteor can cause a crater. None of these require a creator.

God of the gaps for anything science cannot prove.

Supporting Evidence: Divine fallacy. (

No, I am not off topic. Your making a fallacy of relative privation, not as bad fallacy, or also known as concern trolling by comparing 1st world problems to 3rd world. Look up elevatorgate.

This method has been used to to conceal 1st world problems and suppress 1st world protestors for a long time. Minimum wage only $7.25? What about people in the first world who only make a dollar a day? This is a fallacy of relative privation.

Despite the fact that a minimum wage increase in the 1st would probably help the 3rd world. This is because inequitable wages means more pollution and waste of talent. More c02 to cause climate change and less talent to help repair the damage.

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