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Scoots(33) Clarified
1 point

Yes, that is exactly why CAPITALISM works... the more you do, the more you get... it inspires people to actually do something and the more they do the better life gets. COMMUNISM rewards effort and lack thereof equally so you really don't need to do much of anything.

1 point

Suffering motivates people to do whatever they need to not to suffer. It would be great if this motivation was unnecessary

Yes, being held accountable for your skin color is unfair which is my point. Taxes are levied regardless whether or not you support the agenda they contribute to and accidents affect you whether it was your fault or not, regardless whether or not it could have been avoided.

2 points

This from the same company that has "innocently" slipped pornographic images into kids movies for decades... well, I for one am shocked... LOL

1 point

Violence solves everything in the end... the fact is this world is and always has been run by violent thugs and criminals who impose laws on the populace to try to prevent others from coming to power through the same means they did.

1 point

It really depends on what you do with your hate I suppose. Hate can consume everything you do and make you old and bitter but it can also ignite your passion to surpass your oppressors. This entire world was built on the fabric of hate and oppression, in some ways nothing would get done without hate. The fact that we must consume life in order to preserve our own promotes a sort of hatred as does the struggle to be the strongest or most popular to gain a greater share of resources. The strongest people in the world with concepts like morality pushed aside are also the most hated people in the world.

1 point

Honestly, it would be great if they taught people skills they could actually land a decent job with. I have a degree and I always thought it was a waste. I only went to college because I dropped out of high school... sadly, I graduated near the top of my class- I say sadly because I really didn't like it and couldn't believe that despite my complete apathy I easily surpassed many of my peers. I just saw it as paying a penance to my family. Having pretty solid street smarts, I always found myself wondering what the hell any of that crap being taught had to do with reality. I worked a corporate job for peanuts afterward (not even $50,000/year) under the assumption things would get better (news flash, its just a huge waste of time since corporations screw all equally and they see a college grad only as an expendable tool with massive debt to be exploited) and eventually ended up making double that as a truck driver which I could have done without college in the first place (took some time). What we need are more tradespeople who know how to get things done... sadly, I think College exists to force the unsuspecting into massive debt and make the populace more reliant on a system that doesn't care if they live or die, so long as those who run it profit from their misery. Real knowledge is power... and that knowledge is the ability to get things done- not preach theory.

1 point

I think both sides are illogical to an extent but it stands to reason that the universe didn't happen by pure chance, random explosions, and one microscopic piece of matter. There are natural laws we are all beholden to and really the very idea that logic exists has to do with intelligent thought. At a sub-atomic level people can actually define what they see through a microscope simply by altering their perception of it. There is definitely a rational driving force behind all of creation because if there wasn't all would be pure chaos. Anything science fails to explain it simply ignores or tries to discredit and really I don't see any difference between "atheistic science" and "Byzantine Catholicism" since they both ignore facts whenever convenient to push their agenda.

1 point

I was kinda wondering that myself. I can understand debating things that may or may not exist but we've really kinda failed as a society when we are debating whether or not things that DEFINITELY exist, definitely exist... just my two cents.

1 point

Yes, just look at a map of the U.S. and you will see its completely possible to be in four states (Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico) at the same time.

0 points

OK... so then this a basically just a poor attempt at making some completely irrational and uninspired anti-Semitic statement directed at Christians (who had nothing to do with the origins of Deuteronomy by the way) and you don't give a shit about any of the historical value so long as we've established that "rape is wrong" and you think you're a bad-ass... ancient Hebrew women didn't have assault rifles, genius. I don't make phone calls regarding internet retardation and I fully support the second amendment especially as it applies to rapists so if there is a guy actually willing to rape you (which I doubt) shoot him as many times as you can... he might shoot back but either way Darwin wins so go nuts (it doesn't sound like a long drive). I thought you wanted to actually discuss what your selection meant but what you really want is to bait someone into an argument so you can feel superior because your viewpoint doesn't allow you to even consider that there might be more to something than what you've hard-sold yourself on. Hmmm... how very Christian of you.

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