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1 point

I think they are a great party. People are tired of dividing their votes between Conservative and Labor, and the UKIP offers something that the voters like. Truthfully, I wish the Libertarian Party would have the same successes in the US.

Scout143(652) Clarified
3 points

Maybe he was. Either way I think Martin jumped on him. Truthfully, I don't know why they are trying to prosecute him. It's obvious it was self-defense, and the defense is tearing a hole through the prosecution's case with ease. All mathematical factors are in favor of the defense as well as both the prosecution's and defense's witnesses.

1 point

I heard from the case that he got out of the car to confirm the street address for the dispatcher, then he got jumped by Martin.

1 point

Where were the French at Saratoga, Bunker Hill, Boston, Crossing the Delaware, Trenton, Detroit, and The Carolina Campaign? Nowhere in sight. They were out in the Atlantic scoodally-pooping with the British navy.

Scout143(652) Clarified
1 point

Okie dokie. Sounds good to agree that we disagree. Dis-agree. Haha!

1 point

Shouldn't people have the right to decide if they want healthcare or not? I don't liked being forced into it, and being taxed for not wanting to use it. Truthfully, I should be thanked for not wanting to use it! It gives someone else more money for healthcare. Obamacare was supposed to decrease insurance rates (but it actually increased it quite a bit), it violates many beliefs that Christian based companies hold (like Hobby Lobby) by forcing them to provide financially for contraception and abortion, and many doctors don't like having to work under it (hence many states having a shortage of doctors due to them retiring early). The NFL refused to support it, a majority of Americans don't support it, and it financially burdens even more people!

1 point

But America showed how fast they could mobilize their forces and factories toward the war effort. They could easily defend and turn an invasion. Germany and Japan never had that much power to do it that fast. They had to take around a decade. America did it in less than two years.

2 points

And all I'm saying is that America would have survived without Britain. But not the other way around.

2 points

It taxes people for not using it (shouldn't that be good? More money for other people? They should be thanked!), forces businesses to provide healthcare, forces religious groups and companies to go against their beliefs (mostly on contraception), and has forced massive rate hikes when Obama said it never would and would actually go down (never happened)! It's failed already before it even starts, people won't endorse it (including the NFL), and should we really trust the IRS with it? Yeah, kill it before it is born (this is the ONE TIME I AGREE WITH ABORTION! Abort Obamacare). They just delayed it a year, so it gives us more time to end it! So do it!

2 points

If there wasn't any country to supourt, the USA would have fallen too.

If they weren't any countries to support, that would mean more supplies for the USA to use.

Germany had almost all Europe to itself, that is a lot of resources.

North America still has a lot more.

If Britian wasn't there, he would have focased completly on Russia.

That's true. And probably could have taken Moscow for that matter.

One of the reasons Hitler didn't invade America, is because Britian was between them both. Germany, along with Japan, would have quite easilly invaded together, both were stronger than the USA, especially Germany.

And I'm saying that they couldn't do it because of the distance between Japan and Europe from America. They wouldn't have been able to support the manpower needed for invasion, plus America was the same militarily of both countries combined in 1945. Naval power and supplies would be stretched thin, and the USA has numerical and technological advantage.

However, another fact was it's strengh. Iceland and Greenland were weak.

Yes, but Canada and the US wouldn't just let them waltz on over via Greenland. They would halt them either in Greenland or in Northern Canada. Use the terrain to their advantage like Russia did.

America's millitary was no where near Germany's.

I beg to differ. By 1945, America had the same number of men that Germany had at its peak, vastly bigger navy and Air Force, plus better technology in certain areas.

Now, as for thin and strong suply lines, remember the U-boats? Also they could just take a lott of suply's with them for a quick invasion of Greenland and Iceland.

You should know this better than anyone that U-Boats did squat in trying to besiege and starve Britain during both World Wars while keeping Germany's open. America's coast line is way bigger than Britain's, plus America's larger navy, would make that impossible.

Now, you must understand my arguement. No doubt was the USA and Russia a major factor, however I am argueing that the United Kingdom was as well

They were during WW2, they were a part of the Big Three. But if things went they way we are discussing, Britain would have put up a good fight, but eventually been steamrolled.

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About Me

"I play bagpipes. I'm also an Eagle Scout. I live in Nebraska, the heartland of the USA."

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Name: Luke 
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Libertarian
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other
Education: In College

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