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RSS Scrotumlord

Reward Points:49
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10 most recent arguments.
0 points

It is a better option for burrito. Burrito likes to gobble butt holes. Burrito called me a "whole ass snack" in PM and said he would lick my booty.

1 point

You're a disgusting pig.

I am an alluringly sexual non-pig mammal that you want to have sex with.

1 point

I think it should be based on how hot the teacher is. If they are hot, it is morally acceptable.

1 point

This was so well and coherently written that I squirted a cumshot into my underwear without even touching myself.

2 points

No. Your sexuality shouldn't have a movement.

It should when you are being oppressed for it dingus. You are spewing the rectally odious fallacy that the sick ones are the ones who want to be free to be what they are and accepted in society, not the ones who are concerned about what others are for no reason that they are different and want to emulsify their butt hole tissue in a blender because of it so that no penis can go into them.

2 points

It goes against Gods law and that's all the reason I need to be against it.

God doesn't exist you little stupid ass bitch.

1 point

someone must have hit you with the idiot stick

your diagnosis as a retard is pretty legit

you always come up with the shittiest shit

to try to demonize the left but you can miss me with it

cause I don't wanna hear your incessant putrification

you fondled Trump, grabbed his breast and lubed up his anus

you're useless, its blatant

your IQ is adjacent

to the IQ of a plankton

whereas my IQ would equal the whole crew of a spaceship

usin' the statements

of nazis as if they're truth, its just shameless

is there nothing you won't do for a payment?

or to pursue the relations

with Trump conducive to gayness?

he filled you up with goo and your taint ripped

Nom points out abuses of language

and he may be grammar obsessed, ruthless and wankless

but at least he doesn't lure kids to screw in his basement

like you, ignoramus

2 points

"I have put into practice what these peddlers and pen pushers have timidly begun", adding revealingly that "the whole of National Socialism" is based on Marx

That must be why Hitler did everything in his power to destroy Marxism.

Adolf Hitler lifelong Socialist

That must be why he literally murdered real socialists at every opportunity.

1 point

I am personally in favor of having guns so that we can shoot the police while defunding them. I believe Antifa and BLM should be armed with military grade weapons and the police should be disarmed.

1 point

It’s pitiful isn’t it? This nonsense is called “ an art form “

The lyrics above are a parody of gangsta rap, rap music in its true form goes far beyond your comprehension.

This type do their best work in the bed

Is that a reference to the black man who fucked your wife?

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Winning Position: Nom finds me irresistably sexy and wants to tongue-punch my fart box
Winning Position: The best system is a social democracy where you throw in some technocracy/libertarianism
Winning Position: I am going to cross-reference several peer reviewed studies to support my thesis
Winning Position: I am going to iron out the wrinkles in Bronto's scrotum while I pinch his gonads
Winning Position: I am going to rip out Nom's butt hole while I fist fuck his penis hole
Winning Position: I am going to chew off Andy's nipples while I tickle his belly button with a feather
Winning Position: The current political spectrum is outdated. We need a new wing.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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