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RSS Scumbarge

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

because god is big and scary and those billion plus christians don't want to end up destroyed and in hell like sodomy and gomorrah.

1 point


hey, hey guys.

guess what?

god made satan.

he invented him.

got is literally the creator of satan.

satan is something god did.

just sayin'.

1 point

9-what now? I literally have no idea what this date could be in reference to. It must have completely slipped my mind.

2 points

Yes. Followed by boxing, followed by slapping, followed by hugging and high-fiving. I will not rest until all forms of human-to-human contact have been eradicated.

1 point

Dear lord, the second part of your argument is just too painfully stupid to go undisputed, and yet it's dripping with the level of smarminess that only comes from someone who is 100% sure they're right. I cannot allow this to continue.

Tell me, have you ever heard the phrase "correlation does not imply causation"? Here, read this:, and look at your argument. But this time, loot at it from the perspective of someone with a basic idea of how reason works.

1 point

Okay, so the founders believed in god. That's wonderful for them, but it doesn't change the clear fact that they wanted individuals to be free to choose what religion they wanted, without the state favoring any one religion.

I'm an atheist. Does the constitution not apply to me because I don't believe a god gave me those inalienable rights?

2 points

But in a state that supposedly possesses freedom of religion, referencing only the christian god in state affairs is clearly staking a higher value in one religion above all others.

1 point

If this is the case, you've made a convert of me. Capital punishments for everyone! Drinks all around!

1 point;=hp&q;=american+muslims+against+terrorism&aq;=f&aqi;=g1&aql;=&oq;=&gs;_rfai=&pbx;=1&fp;=5673716d440c1f33

oh would you look at that, a quarter million fucking links in about 10 seconds.

gosh golly this whole "internet" business sure is confusing, huh?

1 point

mostly i just ignore joe because he's a troll who seems to think he's god's gift of comic relief to the masses.

this time, though, his reply went unnoticed in the second page of my notifications section.

(it's still gonna get ignored, though)

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Winning Position: this is a test. ignore it.

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"I'm may be an asshole, but you're an idiot. I win."

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Name: Evan 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Religion: Atheist
Education: High School

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