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RSS Secularity

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1 point

Though I don't speak the language, I find Tokyo superior to New York in many ways. Proabably first and foremost due to crime rates...

0 points

I definitely think hardcore Christianity to the point where if you think God is telling you to kill yourself or someone else is incredibly harmful to society at large. I don't know how you could deny the threat it poses.

1 point

No, I honestly don't believe the state has the right to take the life of someone. Also, giving someone the dealth penalty instead of giving them a life sentence is in a way an easy way out. But I'm not ingoring the fact it takes decades for those convicted to actually be put to death due to appeals and so on.

1 point

Not all atheists are okay with abortion. Plenty consider themselves secular humanists and are against abortion precisely for the reasons Christians are against it.

Atheists, or anyone who is in favor of abortion, likely doesn't believe life starts at conception, hence they don't consider it murder because there is no life actually being taken. It really depends who you're talking to. Everyone has a slightly different view on this sensitive subject.

3 points

I find it interesting that it seems if not for their religion, many religious people (I don't mean to generalize) would see no problem with killing someone else. I honestly think in the end it depends on the individual person in question, but if you need religion to give you morals, then I would say you were less moral than those who have morals without religion.

3 points

Well, threatening such flowery things like that is definitely going to help you succeed in converting everyone to Christianity.

2 points

In order to support a theocracy, I'd have to support the Bible, and I don't believe a word of it.

Secularity(23) Clarified
1 point

Yes, but many weren't at the same time. Many of them were deists and if they were Christians they weren't devout followers of their claimed religious orientation.

1 point

Though the vast majority of the citizens of our country are Christian, we are not a Christian nation. God is mentioned nowhere in the Constitution and plenty of our Founding Fathers weren't Christian, either.

1 point

A clever play on words doesn't exactly make an argument...

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Name: Carmen 
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Religion: Atheist

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