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RSS SeverusSnape

Reward Points:151
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10 most recent arguments.

Now it's your turn to waste your time typing and my turn not to read it. Have a shitty life you piece of shit. Mingi hasn';t replied today so I'm pretty much done here.

But I don't care what you think about me. That's why I'm calm and you're in a violent rage.

You are deeply enraged at all times just like I am you liar. The difference is that I am brutally honest about both myself and others whereas you are constantly projecting a fake image of yourself while trying to harm others in any way you can.

Then why are you the one having a temper tantrum and I the one who is being calm and reasonable?

You are acting calm and reasonable, but you are neither. I am truly angry and not afraid to admit it.

You're a total waste of my time.

You're a total waste of the earth's resources and should kys.

You said you were going to leave the site

I was going to, but just after I said that I noticed Mingiwuwu PMed me and I am in an ongoing conversation with him so I am staying for now.

Every word which has left your mouth in the last two weeks has been false.

Dude, you literally misinterpreted every word of my argument deliberately to avoid my correctness. You are fucking human waste.

Keep your promise to leave and go away you loser.

Stop fucking telling me to leave or I'll be stuck here forever. If you insist on me leaving I won't be able to out of spite. Also, you are a fucking loser not me. You are in your forties and sitting on the computer in this same dead forum after 3 years. What have you done with your life? I have a legitimate plan to change the system which you refused to be a part of, you never even had a plan never mind actually doing anything. You're not even a journalist, just a professional grammar Nazi who fakes being intellectual.

Every word that you write causes my opinion of you to sink lower. You are a big, grown-ass baby.

I feel the exact same towards you. You are about ego, not truth.

I didn't agree with you.

You did, you upvoted me frequently even when I said things you never even remotely said.

Obviously you do. You seem to be in a great deal of pain.

Nah, I am just tired of everything at this point. There is pain and loneliness in me I'm not gonna lie, but I am becoming more numb to it with time. Where there once was sorrow there is now mostly anger, disgust and apathy. You see, I never actually considered you my friend either, I merely wanted you to be my friend. I tested you and you disappointed me but I was ready for it the whole time.

You have literally misrepresented everything INTENTIONALLY to avoid honest debate. You really should just fucking kill yourself. You tried it before, why don't you go through with it this time you pathetic, idiotic dick head? Your puny intellect is hiding behind a wall of fancy words, dishonest arguments and credible sources that you use to appear intellectual. In reality you are worthless and retarded just like your parents told you and you should just fucking die.

take responsibility for your own behaviour, like adults do.

You have never done that. Go ahead and apologize for all the rude things you have said to me and admit that science is not a religion.

You understand very little about my character

You are a pseudo-intellectual cunt who knows I am right but can't bear to admit it due to your own ego. You are a sociopath with a fragile ego who wants to feel morally and intellectually superior to others. You ran away from home because your mommy was mean to you and you are fascinated by Jordan Peterson because you find parallels between his theories and your own pathology, namely that you were neglected by the mother archetype leading you into a false version of what socialism is supposed to be. You are a socialist not out of reason or compassion, but because on a deeper psychological level you want to equalize the level of neglect you experienced. Your fundamental childish psychology is basically saying "I want everyone to be equally miserable if I cannot be equally happy".

I will give you one final chance to read and respond with intellectual honesty before I ignore everything you ever write to me for the rest of eternity just as you have ignored me.

Religion is a social-cultural system of designated behaviors and practices, morals, worldviews, texts, sanctified places, prophecies, ethics, or organizations, that relates humanity to supernatural, transcendental, or spiritual elements.- Wikipedia

Science (from the Latin word scientia, meaning "knowledge")[1] is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe.[2][3][4]- Wikipedia

You have (with great dishonesty) appealed to semantics to cling to your original argument, and while your attempts to justify calling science a religion make sense semantically (to an extent) they do not make sense in the reality that exists beyond mere words. Not all ideology is religious in nature and nothing could be farther from religion than science. This is not to say that science is an ideology, because it's not that either. Firstly, religion deals specifically with the spiritual/metaphysical whereas science deals specifically with the material world. Second, science is by definition a process of figuring out what the truth is rather than a claim as to what the truth is. The closest science comes to being an ideology is the fact that there are certain ideological perspectives that lead to science being conceived, but as I already explained you do not have to believe in those perspectives to USE the METHODOLOGY of science because science is a system to be used rather than a statement to be believed. Everything you have said about me is projection, you cannot admit you are wrong so you play semantical games to put a systematic process designed to uncover truths about physical reality in the same category as a mindless faith in supernatural garbage.

Take responsibility for your own behaviour.

You will have earned the right to say that when you learn how to admit when you are wrong about things and apologize for the dickish things you say as I have done. Until then you are the infantile moron projecting his own stupidity and dickery onto others.

You pushed me to saying something like that because I wanted you as a true friend and ally on an IRL level and you always used me as someone to upvote and agree with you on this forum and saw me as nothing more than that. I have come to realize that you never saw me as a friend nor are you that intelligent, you have just managed to memorize some big words and side with the right schools of thought making you appear truly intelligent despite being nothing special when it comes to actually thinking.

About Me

I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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