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1 point

Where are they going?? Who cares?

Ah, that's actually kind of important. Now, personally I'd like to see a greater shift to a third party, but the idea that people are going to defect to the Democratic party from the Republicans over abortions this midterm is insane. More on that later.

What's important is that they're abandoning the cruel and heartless Republicans like rats on a sinking ship.

Methinks you should ponder whether you jump a little to quickly on associating 'conservative' with 'evil'. Believe it or not, the two are not synonymous. Enough on that, not particularly relevant to the discussion.

Grabbing the whole enchilada by outlawing ANY abortion after 6 weeks.. Yeah, only a few states are doing it,

States that voted for those representatives, largely on their pro life opinions. Just sayin'. You can be pro life and still find the concept of 'legitimate rape' to be reprehensible.

Therefore, in the upcoming mid term, I'm happy to prognosticate that SOME states which should remain red, are gonna turn blue..

Forget Afghanistan. Forget inflation. Forget the looming energy crisis. Forget the looming food crisis. Forget the overwhelming opposition to gun control. Forget the border. Forget the turning public sentiment toward trans issues, especially in public schools. Forget that Democrats had 50 years and multiple periods of supermajorities to codify abortion protections into the constitution and continue to fail to do so, deliberately, despite their current control of Washington. Basically forget every political failing of the Democrats for the last year and a half. No, conservative women will turn a blind eye to all of that, because of the millions of people who want abortions every year, some of them were raped.

That is fucking asinine.

The Democratic party is about to be skewered this midterm. Expect to lose the Senate, probably the house as well, and if so, that will be followed by immediate articles of impeachment. The idea that that tide is going to be stemmed on the issue of abortion is like trying to stop a train by hitting it with a flyswatter.

1 point

An exception for rape or incest would do nicely.

Fair enough.

1 point

Math tells us that the ENTIRE right wing doesn't have to change their minds - only a few independent women do, and I think enough of them have switched.

You almost have a valid point, but I still don't know what position you're trying to take here. Enough of them have switched to what? To vote Democrat? That's ludicrous. To be pro choice? Unlikely. For abortion to be safe, legal and rare? That's an extremely tentative maybe.

Here's the problem: almost nobody has any issue with a ten year old girl raped by her father and locked in her basement until her third trimester from aborting a fetus to save her own life that is malformed and won't survive anyway. You want to include provisions in the law to protect abortions under extreme circumstances, very few people are going to try to stop you. That does not and will never apply to the overwhelming majority of abortions which are performed for the sake of convenience.

Now, I have my own opinions on the morality of abortion, opinions which I deliberately consider irrelevant. However, no consensus will ever be reached on this issue because the two sides are barely speaking the same fucking language. If you're pro life, you view a fetus as an independent human with all implied rights that we do. If you're pro choice, you view the rights of the mother as superseding that of the fetus. Both sides have their merits. But neither side is going to bend from their (valid) individual moral values.


The only people fooled by this disingenuous fallback argument that you're a monster if you don't support abortion in extreme circumstances, and therefore you should support abortions in the 99% of cases where the abortion is elective, are the people spouting this nonsense. Those of us in the middle of the spectrum of the argument can see your dishonesty and it's not winning you political points.

1 point


They have wombs.

And they're pro life.

And they're OK with that.

Your point?

0 points


If you're really calling for a return of Common Sense to society, you've probably picked the worst possible website on the internet to state your case. Welcome to the cesspool, it's just idiots, assholes and maniacs here.

1 point

Fuck yeah! Now you're getting it! Well, assuming that you can deal with the price tag, you're getting it.

1 point

First thing I'm gonna do when the NFA is turned over is put a stock on my daughter's 10/22 pistol, convert it to full auto, and build a suppressor. She turned 4 last week, happy late birthday kid.

1 point

1995, Tokyo, sarin gas attack, 13 people dead. 2001, Shinjuku, arson attack, 44 people dead, perpetrator never caught. 2008, Osaka, arson attack, 16 people dead. 2016, Sagamihara, knife attack, 19 dead. 2019, Kyoto, arson attack, 36 dead. 2021, Osaka, arson attack, 25 dead. Those are just the highlights.

This is why "gun deaths" only serve as a propagandistic shock statistic. This is why I keep saying, if you take away the guns, not only do you not inhibit people who are willing and able to make them at home or obtain them through other illegal means, you force people who don't know how to make guns to get creative.

This was never about just one guy.

1 point

Yup. Who'd have thunk that people who can't get legal firearms would make illegal ones at home? Oh wait, shit, I've been saying that for years, haven't I?

1 point

The rate of such killings went DOWN after that requirement, didn't they?? Nuff said.

Ignore the decades leading up to the Port Arthur massacre where there were civilian legal semiautomatic rifles and a distinct lack of high profile mass killings. Ignore that Australia's murder rate was already going down at a similar rate for several years prior to the ban. Ignore that Australia's continued decline in murder rate is consistent with the rest of the developed world's declining murder rate from the early 90's up to 2020, including the US despite America's explosive growth in their firearms market over the last 20 years. Ignore that Australia still has mass killings through other means, most notably arson. Finally, ignore the quarantine camps, increasing police brutality, and general apathy by the Australian government for the will of its people.

There. Now it's Nuff said.

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