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RSS SexyJesus

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0 points

To be fair, a offer to come here and fight me is the most unhinged shit I've ever seen come off of your keyboard, but not by that goddamn much.

1 point

Jesus fucking Christ. I put your empty threat right in front of you, and you have the ignorance to say you don't need to make empty threats to strangers over the internet as if we're both not fucking reading it. You are just not living in this reality, are you?

You pal, are a coward. And it gets under your skin because deep down you know it's true.

Says the guy who shits a brick at the idea of their fellow citizen being able to adequately defend their home and family. Feel free to test your theory any time.

1 point

All of those are lower standards than pre industrial revolution standards? Agrarian economies? Lack of utilities and medical advancements?

There are certainly problems, but how can you argue that they aren't offset by the mill, the lathe, indoor plumbing and antibiotics?

1 point

I quote:

I'm perfectly happy to turn up unarmed and slap you in your idiot face like a man. I don't need to hide in the bushes like a fag and shoot you from 60 yards away to feel safe. andracists#arg1074530

Shut the fuck up, you delirious lying cunt.

0 points

Hey, fuckwit? You were the one who offered to come here to instigate violence. You know where to go, you know how to contact me. I do hope you don't make that mistake, I hope you unfuck your life. But clearly your daddy should've beaten your ass a time or two more and if you need me to pick up where he left off, I'm not hiding.

Keep talking big and bad, nobody here is fooled.

1 point

1: Fair enough. But, if you do end up having kids, you'll understand the value of an early morning for some God damn peace and quiet.

2: I don't really understand your question here. The point is not what I've adopted as a worthy purpose; obviously everyone's going to have a different answer to that. But why would I adopt a purpose that offers no value added to society? Inherently, while it might not make me a millionaire, supplying a demand will result in compensation if you're doing it right.

Look, I'm not saying I have the secret to the meaning of life. I've got enough figured out to feel good about my own life direction. That said, I offer a bit of perspective. One, willing pussy is a finite resource, and one day in your later years you will run out. And two, it is a special kind of hell to realize you want kids when it's too late.

Don't die alone, is all I'm saying.

1 point

Aaand that's it?

It's 5:30 on the east coast. I was up at 4 to work pulls and squats. I don't focus on making money, I focus on my purpose: to provide tools of effective counterviolence to as many people as possible. The money is a nice side effect. I don't focus on fucking bitches, I focus on being a good husband and father. And yeah, I put good fuel in my meat vehicle.

Making money and fucking bitches has its merits when you're young, but it's not a route to long term fulfillment. Find your purpose. And do some pushups. But hey, good start.

1 point

Excuse me, why the FUCK is Adam West not at the top of this list?

1 point

Watching the left lose their shit over Elon Musk has been one of the most hilarious continuing developments of the last year. "Noooo, you won't censor who we want you to censor!!"

I haven't seen Democrats this upset about an African American since they stopped being allowed to own them.

1 point

And yet, he seems to still be here, despite claiming to despise the company of all four fucking people here at any given time.

How disappointing.

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