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2 points

Nom is british, of course he drinks tea, of course he would have a tea stain or two in his house. The only reason your white carpet doesn't look stained is because you only drink cum.

1 point

How far right do you think is too far right?

I think that once you are so far left that you circle around back to the right, you have gone too far left.

1 point

but god designeed tcheseese to be goioed for yoiyuyggttttttttty

1 point

I know you are but what am I? .

2 points

I play video games and debate and wank off to japanese tentacle porn and write raps while drunk and stoned and then spend the rest of the day typing random insults and racial slurs to people on the internet.

1 point

Your ancestors were pagan for thousands upon thousands of years until someone from europe or the middle east forced them to convert to christianity, now there are dumb asses like you defending the ideology that was forced upon your people.

3 points

FromWithin hates gay people and blacks, he wants to turn America into a christian theocracy and stone gays and bring back slavery.

1 point

State Capitalism was literally invented by communists. It keeps the gullible coming.

State capitalism was created by fascists.

And no possibility of actually existing as purported. Which is why I go off it’s existe as actualized.

It's existence has never been actualized, that is like someone in the 16th century calling feudalism capitalism because capitalism doesn't exist yet. If a system with no state or monetary system is impossible then humanity is doomed so you'd better hope you are wrong.

Don’t be absurd. I constantly argue that the “anti-fascist” act like fascists.

Yes, this is your retarded double standard. Every country which calls itself socialist is socialist no matter what but anti-fascists can be fascists pretending to be anti-fascists because that is convenient for you. This is based entirely on leveraging every excuse you can possibly muster to conflate the far left with totalitarianism.

But of course, every time capitalism goes wrong the right says "it wasn't a free market though". The free market has never existed and is a utopian ideology just like how you see communism, and the right always uses the same no-true-scotsman argument you accuse socialists of using when it becomes convenient for you. You have not a single fiber of truth or integrity in your entire being if you can't see the hypocrisy in that.

Given its history, I can no longer extend an assumption of good faith to proponents of communism without simultaneously assuming stupidity or ignorance.

Given the fact that capitalists have always been in bed with fascists and the only ones capitalism benefits are rich people and fascists I can no longer resist assuming that you are a fascist jew.

1 point

you don’t understand.

You don't understand anything whatsoever sooooooooooooooooooooo...

1 point

We’ve covered this. “State Capitalism” is what socialists call communism when it turns out as predicted by capitalists.

Replace business owners with the state and what do you get? State capitalism, not communism. Communism literally has no state or monetary system by definition, you simply are under the delusion that any nation which is run by a communist party is communism. You give no consideration to the possibility that someone can call themselves something and not be that thing, or the fact that communism is the goal of a genuine communist party, but no nation has ever actually achieved communism. The USSR started as a socialist republic and degenerated into state capitalism, just because it was run by a communist party does not make the system itself communism.

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