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RSS Shira907

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

at least you're honest and upfront about your racism. Most would just dog whistle and tried to hide it like the pussies they are. I can appreciate an honest racist more than a cowardly one.

1 point

Ive never heard a more convincing argument in favor of Bernie Sanders by someone who is right wing.

1 point

Im talking about actual leftists. Not virtue signalling dipshits who only care about social issues to promote themselves. I do find it rather humorous however you listed Universities though. Yeah facts and reality tend to have a left leaning bias oof.

1 point

You can be against a certain type of speech and not support legislation to stop that speech at the same time.

Obviously im talking about the people wanting to ban that speech. No duh. A person would still say they support that persons right to burn the flag even if they disagree with that type of speech or expression.

Leftists want them removed. No more black logos because of the left.

Weren't you just saying that you can be against a certain type of speech and not support legislation in favor of it? Why cant you apply that same idea to those supposed leftists who want it removed?

Then why don't you have your minions burn down Yale Univesity since it's named after a slave owner and slave trader?

Or Yale can rename their university? Anyways I dont really care much about the statues either way and the same goes for certain buildings and what not named after slave owners. This is irrelevant to me.

1 point

The Fascists fought America and its flag.

They didn't fight a piece of cloth. Furthermore trying to ban flag burning is un american and trying to get rid of freedom of speech and expression is one of the key components of fascism and authoritarianism.

You really need to get better.

If I need to get better, then the person im debating needs to learn the basics.

1 point

Flag burners are known for both.

And people who are against flag burning are pro authoritarianism and fascism. I can play this game too.

It's your standard being applied, not mine. And the left is already banning art, from statues, to movies, to books, to any old African American image used by companies as logos such as Aunt Jemima on syrup and Uncle Ben on rice.

You literally just tried to make the argument freedom of expression isn't freedom of speech. So its actually your standard.

What a company does with their logo of their product is their decision. So if they wanna change it they can. Also chalking up the whole taking down statues as "banning art" is insanely disingenuous and has so much more context than that. You've already proven to be dishonest though sooo

1 point

If you didn't have an annoying personality to the point of it being like fingers on a chalkboard, you'd be harder to spot...but you do...

You're not a very entertaining troll.

1 point

Cool. Seeing the left controls almost every megaphone and system in America, I suppose he unknowingly feels oppressed by a system controlled by leftists. Maybe he should burn it.

Trust me I wish this was the case.

2 points

Welcome to the Republican Party.

The same party that fucks over workers and shits on them while promoting capitalist business owners by handing out corporate welfare and promotes corporate socialism? The same party that has blood on their hands from killings tens of millions of innocent civilians in countries all over the middle east? The same party that wants to get rid of a womans right to decide what she can do with her own body? The same party that would promote a theocracy and wanna get rid of secularism which is what this country was founded on? The same party that wants to roll back protections and rights for gay and trans people? Yeaaaaah no thanks Im good. I despise the democrats as well but at least they're closer to my values. The republicans are too far gone in my eyes.

Obama used free speech to call ISIS the JV team. Soon after they had taken over countries and vast spreads of land throughout the Middle East and North Africa. They also began infiltrating Europe and the U.S. and committed terror attacks in mass. Theoretically this speech led to the Boston Marathon bombing, San Bernadino, Fort Hood, the Bataclan, the London bombing, and the list goes on and on.

Many Democrats use speech to demonize the police. Cop killings are on the rise and so are cops killing citizens.

Speech defending illegal aliens has led to gangs multiplying and killing people in the streets.

The point? By your standard, I could silence every leftist on planet Earth, and no one could stop me because "speech is violence" and speech can theoretically lead to violence... I could say that about any speech I dislike or that comes from a political opponent.

I wish the democrats were leftist trust me, but they aren't. They're more like a centrist party. Anyways again its pointless to bring up Obama. Obviously the dudes a piece of shit and I'd never defend him. My point is that when you talk about things like the "white replacement theory" and talking about "white genocide". You don't think thats going to cause people to act out in violent ways? Do you think what I say and what I promote is gonna lead to violence compared to someone who is far right right and talks about how white people are being replaced in their countries and language like that? What do you think is going to happen as a result of that?

1 point

I brought up the fact she was in favor of the patriot act cause its weird you would defend someone who wants to take your civil liberties away.

About Me

"Professional asshole and leftist. Formerly known by the cringey asf username "animedude639""

Biographical Information
Gender: Dude
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Religion: Atheist
Education: Some College

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