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1 point

both are pretty stupid................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

1 point

haha yeah! twilight is so stupid! XD he takes of his shirt and... and... HE SPARKLES! ooh, so manly and scary. (i hate all twilight stuff, everyone in it, and almost everything relating to it, etc) but if i had to choose between jacob and edward, it would be jacob all the way. Jacob can turn into a wolf anytime he wants, he has claws, and teeth, and strength, and a thick hide. stephanie meyer KNEW that vampires suck on their own, so she added super strength, super speed, the eye color, etc. (yes, vampires get strongER at night, but they dont hav super strength). WOLLVVVVEEESSSSSSSSZA!

1 point

Werewolves all the way. they can fire guns and use weapons (hello! they're only werewolves by a fullmoon/night/whenever they want or whatever). They arent hurt by the sun, have thick skin and arent injured by anything (except a silver bullet, but even that has to shoot something vital). They have the muscles, the claws, and the fangs.

Vampires are wimps. they have to be up close range to kill (unless they have weapons). They cant be in sun, they cant fly (well they can in bat form... when they're too tiny to do anything), and they dont get along with garlic, the bible, and holy water. anyone can kill a vampire with a weapon (i dont buy the stake in the heart theory... a nuke or a machine gun would take care of a vamp... or garlic XD). They dont have super strength... so why are they so special? whoever came up with the stereotype for vampires really wasnt smart about it.

Werewolves originated from two sources: 1). in the old times, wolves had a serious problem with rabies. the most famous was the Beast of Gevaudan. it was one of the largest wolves on record, and killed hundreds of people. Finally, it was shot with a silver bullet. this is where we get the theory that werewolves are killed by a silver bullet. 2). lycan is the term for wolf in latin, and were is the term for man in latin. Lycanthropy is a rare disease that gradually makes the victim's mind rot away and be replaced with that of a rabid wolf's (or people were bitten and became rabid). both were huge outbreaks in the 1700's. So, grown men would leave their homes and live in the forest, attacking people with their teeth snarling and frothing at the mouth. So, we get the term Were-wolf, due to the fact that men would act like a rabid wolf or had rabies. just for knowledge that some fat, pimply geek didnt write a comic and somehow it became so.

1 point

today i learned why scientists and christians (or people who believe in a higher power in general) dont get along. I'll just give you a basic summary.\

During the medieval times, catholics and christianity were a huge influence. The churches were so obsessed over who believed in what (i think people can personally believe what they want, but using only knowledge and NOT force, people can persuade others) that they would kill you if you defied them. The Muslim people forced others to convert, and this launched the crusades. NOW, more than 90% of Europeans were christians. One half believed that science was directly linked to God (their point of view would be "God directly created science and the idea that he is not real by logic to test our faith". these people would later become the athiests who must live by logic). The other half belived that you do not need logic at all and your life should directly revolve around Christ and God (these are our die-hard, awesome christians out there! their point of view would be "science is irelevant when you have all you need in the Bible). BOTH OF THESE POINTS ARE TRUEEE!!!!! but they were argued over for hundreds of years to the point that they both seperated. the church basxically was so anal about it, they seperated their own.

1 point

Hey! sorry i was in california for the past 2 weeks. So it looks like we havent had many/any recent debates... sooo... im here!

1 point

once again, we pretende to drink his blood (wine) and his body (bread) to honor him dying for us

1 point

well, from what i see, he is just asking reasonable questions and trying to learn a little about Christianity. God/Jesus are NOT needy and do NOT need attention. He and his diciples spent their ENTIRE life preaching the word of god, taking care of people who were poor, sad, angry or just having a bad day. They were the most selfless people on the face of the earth... i dont see where people get that he was needy and self-centered...

1 point

yes, i did, because i dont need arrogant loud-mouths who dont know jack about the Christian faith to rag on it :)

1 point

1. so he is indeed all powerful :)

2.not true! god sees us all as equals, from a criminal to a priest.

I think you got a little confused... those two things are very similar. he looks in both.

3. he died for our sins so we can ask for forgiveness when we commit these sins. Satan also plays a part in our sins. God doesnt want us to be happy without actually working for it and earning it. That is why he sent his son to die for us.

Jesus was born without sin or temptation. he forgave the same people who tortured him.

1 point

you know this isnt just for discussing christianity :) you can talk about problems and people can give you solutions :)

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