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RSS Sierra

Reward Points:27
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Red All Tha Wayy.!!!! If I Had To Choose Of Course., I'd Choose Red.!! Redd Forever.!! XD Hahaha.

1 point

Haha.! Soo True.! I Can Agree With That.!! :D Hahaha.!

2 points

Yeah. Me Too.! I Love The Rush And Feeling Of Falling With No control.!! :D Haha

1 point

Mortal Kombat Is Tha Bomb.!! No Doubt About Tht.!! :D Mortal Kombat Is So Coolz..!!

1 point

Yes, as long as they don't like have sex or anything. I think its ok for their age to date. But they both have to be responcible.! Dur.?? Its like common sense. Haah.! :D

1 point

I Think They Are Both. As In The Girl Bunny May Be Purple And The Male Bunny May Be Green.... Its Just A Thought Though.............. :D Haha.!

1 point

Cheating Is So Horrible.!! I Would NVR Forgive Sm1 For Cheating On Me.!! They Had Their Chance b4.! Yuu knoo...??? They Skrewed Up..

3 points

I Knoo Wht Yuu Mean.. :) But It Also Suxzz.. I Wonder Why Ppl Fall In Love.??? Hmmz...,,

2 points

Blues Cluez.!! I Used To Watch Tht Show ALL The Time.! I Luv Tht Show.!! :) Dora Dont Hav NUTHINZ On Blues Clues.!! :D Haah.! But Yeahh, Im For Blues Clues.! I Luv Blue.!! :) My Fav Cartoon Character.!! :)

1 point

Yes. At My Skewl We Already Switched To Laptops. We Get To Keep Them Till Tha End Of The Year, And Then We Get Netbooks Next Year.!! They Are Awesome.!! But Yuu Can Also Got In Alot More Trouble Too..! :D

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Winning Position: Red Or Blue.?? Which Is Better.??

About Me

"I LOVE being in band.!! :)"

Biographical Information
Name: Sierra D.
Gender: Girl
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Education: High School

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