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2 points

“At the time a law enforcement official has to go to a weapon, to a gun, to a baton, to a taser, then they have already had to go too far by their very presence.“

-Andrew Gillum

How much sense does this make?

What do you think his position would be if an intruder had a gun to his head? Cops put down their weapons? If you believe that..

1 point

Good catch. Thanks. I apologize for my sloppiness in subject-verb agreement.

A catch based completely in sociopathy. He misses grammatical punctuation errors like a blind, no armed boy trying to hit a baseball. Comma and semicolon usage are completely out of his grammatical domain.

3 points

An illness in your body is like a fire in your house.. I think the government SHOULD cover us for those possibilities..

So give them 41 trillion dollars to cover it genius. I thought you ran a business and understood basic math.

2 points

Because it would cost 41 trillion dollars. That would mean that even if everyone was taxed 100%, you wouldn't be anywhere near covering the costs.

Singularity(21) Clarified
1 point

If libs weren't protecting sex offenders and thieves because they aren't white, those beds would be filled in a week.

2 points

Texas Governor, Fearing USA Gov Invasion, Orders State Guard To Monitor US Military Games In State amp/

1 point

The MEANS to that production is cop cars, guns, badges, jails and prisons - ALL of which are owned by the government..

The Federal Government doesn't own these things. That's why they have resisted both Trump and Obama because of local authority. They are not paid for by the federal government.

Six states and NYC sue Trump admin over requiring 'sanctuary cities' to work with feds

Lawsuits were filed in Manhattan federal court on behalf of New York state and city, Connecticut, New Jersey, Washington, Massachusetts and Virginia.

2 points

What the cops PRODUCE is law enforcement.

Doesn't matter. They aren't supported by the production of the government. They are supported by the production of the people in a Capitalist system.

1 point

Nobody has ever suggested man created climate change

You did you god damned retard.

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