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RSS Sir-Galahad

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1 point

Calling people names and insulting is a personal attack, and when people resort to calling names, there's no point in continuing the conversation.

1 point

I never said "things like "hospitals kill babies." You entirely made that up.

1 point

Are you implying that it is not a human because it is developing? But that logic no child or infant is a human being. They continue to develop until adulthood!

1 point

Let me quote a paper that will make things clearer.

"Myth 3: "The immediate product of fertilization is just a �potential� or a �possible� human being�not a real existing human being."

Fact 3: As demonstrated above, scientifically there is absolutely no question whatsoever that the immediate product of fertilization is a newly existing human being. A human zygote is a human being. It is not a "potential" or a "possible" human being. It�s an actual human being�with the potential to grow bigger and develop its capacities."

Supporting Evidence: When do human beings begin (
0 points

I ban people for only one reason--personal attacks. If you could be respectful, as JustIgnoreme has been, I would not ban you.

1 point

I warned you not to engage in personal attacks, and right after reading that, you do just that, so you have no right to be angry.

It is you who does not understand what the science is saying. I'll bet you never even researched the issue.

1 point

You can insult me, but you aren't even making an effort to understand.

"If it hasn't DEVELOPED into a human being yet then it ISN'T a human being, is it, you stupid, delusional twit?"

Yes, it isn't a human being until fertilization takes place, but once that process takes place--one to two days later-- it is a human being. It's really that simple.

1 point

A baby is just an informal term for a very young human offspring. A fetus is simply a human being in it's earlier stages, and it's exactly the same organism as the newborn baby. So denying that it is a baby is simply arbitrary. You deny it because you don't like me humanizing a fetus (which also means offspring).

There is no difference between a fetus and a baby. It's a biologically human organism and remains that same human organism throughout its existence. The sources I gave proved rather than disproved this claim.

0 points

I did not argue that because the government requires people to wear masks, then it should also require women to carry their babies to term. I was only arguing that it is a bad case for abortion justification.

0 points

You reference "abortion providers". But Planned Parenthood isn't the only abortion provider. I was specifically talking about Planned Parenthood. If I was wrong for saying that Planned Parenthood has a greater presence in the black community, then I concede that. But my real point was that black babies matter too. And there's no dispute that they kill lots of black babies.

“A startling 2016 study exposed ( that in New York City, more black babies are aborted than there are born. Similarly, in 2010, Planned Parenthood fell under scrutiny after a census suggested that the abortion giant was preying on black communities as 79% of their surgical abortion facilities were within walking distance of African American or Hispanic communities."

Also, "Life Issues Institute documented in its 2012 research that Planned Parenthood targets women of color for abortion by placing 79 percent of its surgical abortion facilities within walking distance of minority neighborhoods."


However, abortion is unjustified no matter what the race, so it is unnecessary to argue these points further.

Winning Position: it is

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