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There were moral laws long before any of the bible was penned, and I find it impossible to believe that you think people would not have figured out you shouldn't kill people without some commandment from a god. Furthermore doing something because you are threaned with violence if you don't does not make you moral.

It occurred to me some time ago that as far as serial killers go Jehovah has the quickest cooling off period of anyone. The Bible says that to God a 1000 years is as a day. This means that god could barely go a few seconds before he needed to kill again, and he kills over and over again.

Atheism is not a religion it is the rejection of the God claim. There is nothing to "practice."

I agree that it is rude to insult people, it does nothing to address the validity of your argument, and it's likely to create defensiveness in you intended audience. However you are completely wrong in suggesting that insulting people is condemned in the Bible. Jesus called people hypocrites (Matt. 24:13-29), and a den of vipers (Matt. 23:33). Of course Jesus told us not to call people fools but I guess it's okay when he does it.

2 points

The bible is full of contradictions. As always we should define our terms though.

Definition of contradiction taken from Merium-Webster online dictionary: 3 b : a situation in which inherent factors, actions, or propositions are inconsistent or contrary to one another.

The resurrection account alone is full of contradictory statements when you consider all four accounts. If the bible comes from the mind if God this should not be. However if the bible is just a collection of stories by men these contradictions are exactly what one would expect.

Here are just two clear contradictions in the resurrection story.

1. The women were afraid (Mark 28:9), the women were full of joy (Matt. 28:6-8)

2. Jesus allowed himself to be touched (Matt. 28:9), Jesus forbade people to touch him (John 20:17).

How do you know that the world would not exist without God? Do you have evidence of a god or that he/she created the world?

The phrasing of this question seems to imply that there is a god but we might wish there was not. However to really answer this question we would have to specify which god. I certainly hope the Christan God is not real. Just think of the number of innocent children that he had killed, he is also okay with slavery, and has many other negative characteristics like promising to eternal torment most of the world for finite crimes. The God of the Koran would also be a god I hope is not real. There may be some God conceived by man that is truly worth wanting to believe in but most are petty and cruel like the men who conceived of them.

2 points

I spent a lot of time believing in hell, but if you want me to fear hell (I suppose you support the Christian concept of it) now I need you to provide me with a logical reason to believe such a place exist.

I would agree with you for the most part except that when you stated, "There's just no reasonable basis for you to accept my statement as true." in reference to your wearing a gold ear ring. The reason we would be justified in believing the claim is because it conforms to how we know things work. We know that gold ear rings are real. Most of us have probably seen them in the past, touched them, and seen other people wearing them. It would also not be uncommon or outside how we know the world to work for you to be wearing gold ear rings. The problem with the God claim is that it lies outside what we have ever observed. We have no practical experience that let's us know god(s) are real. To believe the God claim we need truly exceptional evidence because the claim goes beyond the realm of how we know the cosmos to work.

I completely agree with your conclusion however. If someone tells me there is a God I reject the claim due to the lack of evidence. That doesn't mean that I say i know there is no God because the answer to the question is not knowable.

I find the proposition a little oddly worded but agree with it in principal. There is a proposition by many that there is a god or many gods. This is a claim that purports to describe the true nature of things. The claim is that a divine being exist. One can reject that claim with out claiming that they know no gods exist. If some one came up to me and said there are divine beings I would reject that claim because there is no sufficient evidence to substantiate that claim. This does not mean that I believe that you can prove there are no gods, just that the claim lacks sufficient evidence to support their existence.

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