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RSS Skilled

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1 point

Well, I will take this argument in where normal people will place the Wind turbines not in deserts but in windy areas and not place solar panels in Antartica but in sunny places.

Well, we are only talking about effiecinet product after we purchase it, so I feel Solar. It powers homes for free. We households can benefit for solar panels, unless you’re this crazy rich guy to have a wind mill in your everyday city life.

1 point

(No offence intended. Just love debates)

You mean to say the old nutcase has brainwashed you all? You need to see our social media outside that place. Goodness we are certainly NOT supportive of him.

Please do NOT call Barack Obama a mongrel. The civil rights leader. The one who made America a lovely sight until Trump came and made America look like a pure joke.

1 point

Well...let’s face it. NZFirst voters did not expect this. We ALL thought this would be a pure national win. Because of MMP, a 44% party LOST to a 35% party? Now this does NOT satisfy the nation’s wholesome interests.

I feel as National will have a more stronger side to back them and to ultimately defeat Jacinda Ardern. In fact, most of the NZ First party had thier interests in national, except MR.Peters.

I feel by 2020, the clowns in not just New Zealand, but America, will finally get de-elected and order in the year.

About Me

"“If you are still liberal by have no brain”. Totally not copied of someone famous here"

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Name: Skiller Skilled
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Education: High School

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