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RSS Skypexxic

Reward Points:13
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3 points

J-Pop isn't bad.

2 points

But we are also at the top. We owe it to them to stop them from dying out.

To think also selfishly, we depend on them. If things get too bad, life will become rougher on us.

1 point

The Killers,

They aren't bad

2 points

Samoas for sure, Hey, it's unique, gotta love that. Delicious Stuff, Too.

I eat mints all the time. I don't get the big deal with 'em.

2 points

I don't think that is an age where you necessarily fully understand consequences, vies change when people get older. It's that time when everyone wants to have fun.

As for adoption, the baby is going to have to be born but it's even more painful never knowing who their true parents are and always questioning it.

Abortion seems a way to fully erase one's mind of the error they had made.

-1 points

Abortion should be legal for it is ultimately the Mother's choice.

Don't criticize just because you're not going to be that poor unfortunate 16 year old girl who can't go to college and pursue her dreams because of a mistake.

Don't criticize because you're not the future father who is stuck paying welfare for 18 years.

2 points

Warren Buffet all the way

2 points

First off, I would like to very obviously let you know that we are the strongest and cleverest life forms on this Earth.

"though you stand on the top of the ladder of life, you must not kick out that ladder from under your feet. You must not deny your relatives, the other animals. Their history is your history, and if you kick them to the bottom of the abyss, to the bottom of the abyss you go yourself. By them you stand or fall. What you repudiate in them you repudiate in yourself" -Jack London

It is up to us to protect our brethren or no one else will. There still usually hope and time to preserve endangered species.

Infact, many often die out because we kill their prey and hack down their habitat. Wouldn't that also give us another incentive to pick up the mess we made?

Winning Position: All on The Guy/Girl

About Me

"Just Me. You'd Be Surprised."

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Gender: Girl
Age: 29
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States

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