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RSS Slavedevice

Reward Points:1288
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We can’t advance as a society believing in fairy tales. True spirituality is not written in a book

I think we should just call it EVEN. I think slavery was terrible (my relatives didn’t own any). But now, we should just call it even. Blacks have it better now in this country than if they were back in Africa! I don’t think any educated black person would want to live in Africa. Let’s concentrate on moving forward

Slavedevice(1288) Clarified
1 point

He has a reason to call me a Nazi lmmfao! I am very interested in the Nazis but I cut short of Killn Jews . I am very very Authoritarian. I believe a lot of freedom causes more pain than strict order. And I do think genetic engineering, etc would make a better stronger mankind.

Don’t forget a third part for moderates. I say west coast for extreme left, Texas and maybe the rest of the south (except Florida?) for white Christian nationalists. Then the rest of the country moderate. Don’t forget, there’s some Canadians that want in on this resectioning

Slavedevice(1288) Clarified
1 point

Let me suggest something even better (meritocracy) : let’s give everyone a test - then make the top 10% our leaders! Or, at least REQUIRE a baseline IQ/Education level to run for office.

The response I get from this is “geniuses are NOT always humanitarians”. Hmmm

Wonder what fascism is like? Try being a Non-Christian living in a Christian country! That’s exactly what it’s like. Democracy is not any better than fascism. In democracy the unintelligent (the majority) make laws that the brilliant (minority) must live by.

Either extreme (left or right) are correct!! It’s a BALANCE of individualism and collectivism that makes a society strong. We need a FAIR free market and some social responsibility. We need a border and should use our collective resources on our own citizens

I don’t really care what happens to USA. I’ve never been patriotic. $$ this is your god.

I am in the boat with “if heaven is full of the Christians I come in contact with (not all but most), I would have no drinkn buddies in heaven! Lmmfao

Trump shot the Republican Party in the foot. Maybe if Biden does the same we’ll abolish BOTH parties and end this circus of extremes! A country this big needs a legitimate 3rd party.

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About Me

"I won’t rest until there is a LICENSE to PARENT! I won’t ever be a SON of ABRAHAM. Pagan"

Biographical Information
Name: Social Darwin
Gender: Male
Age: 54
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Other
Education: College Grad

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