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RSS Slavedevice

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10 most recent arguments.

I’ve yet to see substantial proof that 6 million were killed. Even the Jews’ own records show there were not even 6 million in Europe at that time. Every Muslim country hates the US and Britain.

Hell, if America felt so sorry for the Jews, why didn’t America take in the Jews when Hitler tried to exile them (Netanyahu himself admits that initially Hitler just wanted rid of them - no one would take them.

The more I study WWII, the more I feel Hitler at least had some points. National Socialism was a hell of a powerful internal economic system!!

Ok try to wrap your mind around this cause it’s really more simple than people make it:

There never has been a country that is TOTALLY CAPITALISM or TOTALLY SOCIALIST (communism means you can’t own your business privately- socialism does not restrict private businesses it just pays for more things with tax).

The USA has always paid for education PUBLICALLY which is Socialist. Canada is much like USA except Medicine is socialist .

Just think about it this way: you can trade potatoes (that u grow in abundance) for other products that your neighbors are better at producing. But the whole VILLAGE donates potatoes, meat, etc to the medicine man who sees anyone who’s sick.

That’s socialism with NO money! Money just represents the potatoes and meat that people produce.

Currency just makes dishonesty easier to disguise.

And then there’s the very tricky thing that Jews invented called USURY. That’s where you don’t produce anything at at all, you just make a huge living changing and loaning currency for a living. It’s very comparable to a PARASITE that sucks the blood off a host that actually has to do stuff to make the blood.

I think every WORKING person should have access to AFFORDABLE healthcare. If Medicare just had a CATASTROPHIC option (only hospitalization- not sore throat trivial shit.). Which is better - big corporations having control of your insurance or the government?

What about small business- they cannot afford policies for just a couple people.

In Canada you get state healthcare (which may not be expedient), but you can still buy private insurance ( many do)

Not all non-Xtian are Immoral AND a lot of Xtian do some inconsiderate things . I agree that faith is good. But Xtian are ignorant of world religions. I’m a Pagan. All my ancient Nordic ancestors were fine earth loving Pagans.

Why not be a pagan. We accept any sexuality because we think sex is not taboo in any fashion (willing adults).

God gave us a very advanced brain. God gave us the ability to end our own suffering. God gave us the ability to EVOLVE to a Post Human level. But we must do it ourselves. We’re on our own with these gifts

There’s a certain point where gazillions $$$ gets a little childish. Although some capitalism does drive some innovations and inventions.

Non-Abrahamic, socialistic(not communist), futuristic...........................................




I agree with free market with socialistic safety nets. Add in NATIONALISM/Tribalism and we are two pees in a pid

I would not vote for someone who doesn’t have a plan to make healthcare more affordable for all. I think the insurance companies are organized crime. Rx companies too!!

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About Me

"Semita Futura “If God let everyone into Heaven, then it would not be Heaven would it”?"

Biographical Information
Name: Social Darwin
Gender: Male
Age: 53
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Other
Education: College Grad

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