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RSS Slavedevice

Reward Points:1216
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10 most recent arguments.

Not all non-Xtian are Immoral AND a lot of Xtian do some inconsiderate things . I agree that faith is good. But Xtian are ignorant of world religions. I’m a Pagan. All my ancient Nordic ancestors were fine earth loving Pagans.

Why not be a pagan. We accept any sexuality because we think sex is not taboo in any fashion (willing adults).

God gave us a very advanced brain. God gave us the ability to end our own suffering. God gave us the ability to EVOLVE to a Post Human level. But we must do it ourselves. We’re on our own with these gifts

There’s a certain point where gazillions $$$ gets a little childish. Although some capitalism does drive some innovations and inventions.

Non-Abrahamic, socialistic(not communist), futuristic...........................................




I agree with free market with socialistic safety nets. Add in NATIONALISM/Tribalism and we are two pees in a pid

I would not vote for someone who doesn’t have a plan to make healthcare more affordable for all. I think the insurance companies are organized crime. Rx companies too!!

Go read some history and it’ll help u understand. Jews persecuted Jesus, invented Usury and Jews killed off the old Russian royalty in the Bolshevik communist revolution. Not mention Israel commits border crimes daily.

No. Hitler should have spent all his time effort destroying the Abrahamic infiltration of the Norse people. Kill the book not people

Ok the Nazis went over board. But nobody ever mentions that everyone practically in Europe were ripped off by Jewish cons. Even to this day - no one wants to dare tell the truth about such slimey Jew shit as: INMF, Hollywood controlled by Jews, Jews taking land that is not internationally recognized as belonging to them. Need I go on? Research the Bolshevik s killing Slavic people to spread Marxism and killing ancient Czars.

They were not just walking down the street innocent when they were assaulted! They may have received overboard atrocities. But they were not innocent

Displaying 10 most recent debates.

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Winning Position: Hitler not as Racist as Accussed
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Winning Position: Meme for Capitalism Commits Suicide
Winning Position: Fentonyl Population Weeding

About Me

"Semita Futura “If God let everyone into Heaven, then it would not be Heaven would it”?"

Biographical Information
Name: Social Darwin
Gender: Male
Age: 53
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Other
Education: College Grad

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