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RSS Slavedevice

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10 most recent arguments.

Refugees I agree. But, why is it our fault ?!?! We didn’t create the overpopulation problem in their country! The Catholic Church forbids birth control. What a knuckle dragger to believe that shit! If my neighbor stays drunk, don’t work, and beats his wife - it’s not my responsibility to bail his family out! Fuck degenerates!

French is definitely the coolest sounding although I took 3 years a spanish

I am Pagan. But this Abrahamic BS is what gives atheists fuel to convince people religion is bad bad. There would be none of this ongoing war if it weren’t for white people being duped into believing they’re “sons of Abraham “!!!! Biggest shim sham and hijack in history. Y’all Abrahamics deserve the bloodshed

I don’t think slavery is good. But I am somewhat of Darwinist and I can relate to what you’re saying. I do feel black people should be classified as a “sub-species”.

Don’t support slavery. We almost have wage slaves cause of such a class difference. The day we solve exploitation is the day we reach nirvana.

Now you gotta keep in mind what the Catholic Church has done also! No birth control, overpopulation, poverty. Yes, the Jews think they deserve to have slaves under them, but they’re not the sole problem. The whole Abrahamic religions must be scrapped if we are to truly advance

Even though most sites ban you for being honest, here goes. Black people need to look at the Joos. Just 80 years ago, they were almost exterminated. Now most of them are well to do. They have over achieved compared to white people. So blacks were slaves. Their own tribes sold them! Duh! For the last 100 years they have had plenty opportunity to get educated (free scholarship if they make the grade). My advice to the bongo (good name haha) is “stop crying and go to school”!!!

I would not be surprised nor would I give two shits! The country has a bleak future either way because the answer is not extremely right or left. It’s somewhere in the middle. And if Americans remain extremely divided, we can be defeated. Hell, we may have a civil war. Bring that shit on. I’m summoning up the war Gods

I think all Abrahamic religions are invasive/fascist. I know people fought before before Abrahamic religions, but in modern day, Abrahamic Religions cause extensive problems. Maybe hitter went too far with extermination, he wasn’t wrong about the nature and supremacy views Jews have.

The sweet spot is somewhere between total capitalism and communism. The government has to take on “common needs” like defense, infrastructure, MEDICAL! The other stuff will work itself out with free competition (as long as it’s truly fair market).

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Winning Position: Why Would China give us covid

About Me

"I won’t rest until there is a LICENSE to PARENT! I won’t ever be a SON of ABRAHAM. Pagan"

Biographical Information
Name: Social Darwin
Gender: Male
Age: 55
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Other
Education: College Grad

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