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RSS Sneakers

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1 point

Right wingers have tried every which way to Sunday to suppress the black vote in the past, so it's reasonable to suspect they're STILL doing it.

Saying right wingers won't allow anyone to give water to anyone is the opposite of racism. Saying only blacks are affected by not getting water handed out to them is racism. It means you think blacks are stupid and that everyone else is smart.

2 points

Obviously, children need to protect themselves.

You have armed guards at your kids' sporting events, but what you can't have is those same armed guards at your kids' schools. Have you ever noticed there's never a case of some kid shooting up a sports crowd? It's because they have no way of getting in with a weapon due to armed guards. Is this really that hard?

2 points

You still don't understand how job growth works. If you destroy the work force with lockdowns and grow the workforce back to 50% of what it was, saying "look at our job growth" still ends in a huge net loss. They hope you're stupid enough to fall for the shit, and you are.

0 points

I'm creative not greedy.

You don't have to be greedy to make enough money to move out of your parents' basement.

1 point

BurritoLunch is absolutely correct in all aspects. He is also correct that you are a Nazi. I am a highly reliable source.

How can you be a reliable source from your mom's basement?

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