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1 point

Obama told us he knew nothing about most of his visitors at the Whitehouse when asked about the same types of people visiting him. You gave no shits. Trump says he knew nothing about Fuentes. Now you give a shit because you're full of shit. Secondly, the left told us that black people can't be racist, so you are fully welcome to shut the fuck up. You created the bullshit, so take your ass one big, giant fucking bite. Kanye can't be racist because he's black. Remember? Yeah, you fucking remember. Sucks for you that we remember too.

The left got decimated in the popular vote and they vomited away votes by the millions in blue areas during the midterms because you're a party that is unable to solve problems, describe any strategies or do dick while in power. You can only do character assassinations. You deserved to lose all of those voters because you're party is shit. You have no answers for them, so they have no votes for you. It'll be worse next time because a new thing is happening. Blue areas are slipping through your fingers. Do you know how shitty of a job you have to do to convince New York counties to vote red? You basically have to piss and shit all over yourself, and the Democrats have done just that. Even with a media designed to make you win, your party can't shake off their opponent. That's how shit the party is. If the media was compliant to the right, you'd lose every single election nationwide, and your party would evaporate into nothing.

1 point

Who knew the Republican senate would ignore every last one of those crimes??

Which crimes?

But, if they try again, as they surly will, and miss a third time,

A clear sign that the left doesn't need evidence to slander, libel or smear someone.

as Norwich said, a seismic shift will have occurred in this great country that we'll NEVER recover from.

It's very hard to recover from the left shutting down and bankrupting thousands of businesses, forcing vaccinations, forcing masks and censoring half of the population. It's become a Fascist country through the Democratic Party, but we'll over come it.

1 point

Because the average Joe thinks the media is real and honest and does as they say out of ignorance. The media redefined inflation, told em Joe was a good guy, hid his son's emails and said vote Democrat. So guess what, they did and do because in their spare time, they don't study politics like we did. They went fishing or to a sporting event or to a movie, so they have no ideas or opinions about the stuff that seems so obvious to someone like you that looks into things.

As for the informed leftist, they don't care that the media lies nonstop because they believe the end justifies the means and think leftist regardless of results or consequences. They think the intent of a position matters more than the results of a position and believe that anyone who would challenge the results of that position are evil because they must not have the same good intent. They see themselves as the only ones capable of solving the world's problems, so right wingers get in the way of the fairytale by offering better ideas and positions that may be correct but don't feel as good in the short term to the leftist. Leftism is a way easier position to hold because you can release yourself of any individual responsibility and simply say "I support the state doing something". If the state fails, it hardly matters to the leftist because they feel they supported something meant for good, and it cost them nothing personally. Why help the homeless in any real way when you can throw a dollar at a social program and turn your head the other way from your ivory tower where you get to feel exceptional knowing you "supported good things", and the underprivileged are still there in the streets to remind you of your eliteness over them. The easy way that gives quick dopamine spikes will always be more popular than reaching into your wallet or doing anything that affects the world at a big cost to you.

1 point

Trump lost his mojo last night.. Did that make it easier to indict him?

I guess. So why haven't you nailed him yet? You waiting until he's dead of old age or what?

1 point

The religion known as Wokeness and the other known as Communism are mind viruses.

1 point

Are you inside of her now, and if yes, how far are you in?

1 point

It's a fantastic way of debate. You hear a claim, and you can refute that claim if you feel it needs to be. How is it any different than posting an article? It's no different to read it than to hear it or see a person who's saying the same thing as the video.

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