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People who vote for Trump, he has infected you with his stupidity. He has targeted the people like you, the ones who want drastic change, to tip the vote towards him. He knows that the majority of the people who vote for him are not very smart. Unfortunately, these type of people takes up the majority of the United States hence his position in the polls. Hillary, on the other hand, though she might not be on one's side because of the few bad decisions she made, but, at least, she has been in those situations, making her experienced. The majority of her decisions have shaped the United States in a good way.

For your information, the majority of people are pro-abortion. I do not want to talk about this here.

One knows that mankind is one of the main causes of Global Warming. This is already scientifically proven, and yet people still litter. Yes, our everyday commute shouldn't be halted, but for crying out loud, at least, restrain yourself from tossing a cigarette on the street.

Let's start with this. The number one cause of wanting to abort a baby is because of rape. Now, rape is a very serious thing. If one is pro- life, or anti-abortion, that person is saying that the mother has to give birth and raise a child by them self, and also hate. Every time this baby says something, it reminds her of the awful thing that took place. I'm pro-abortion, not for killing babies, or to go against any religion, but to make people more aware that the baby will suffer more with a terrible life.

You can't be a futbol fan if you like 2 rival teams.................................................................

You can't be a futbol fan if you like 2 rival teams.................................................................................

Arsenal is obviously the better team. Though their statistics in the league are not showing it, one should not base their argument on that. Obviously, Manchester United have won more league titles but recognize my past tense. That was 20 years ago. Now, Arsenal has more young, fast, and skilled players. All in all, Arsenal is a better team in all aspects of the game.

Abortion should be entirely up to what the to-be mother is. I feel that if she doesn't have a say if her child is going to die or not would be unjust. Second, rape is mainly the reason why one would want to kill their child. Abortion takes place when the baby is at a developing stage. It has not taken any life form yet, so it should not hurt anyone emotionally.

The defense of the Broncos forced turnovers, which basically turned the game around. Carolina did not know what was going on, as they were surprised by the brick wall. Cam Newton was held to minimal passing yards because of the amazing cornerback defense. When they tried to run the ball, they got stuffed by the defensive line, and linebackers before he broke he broke out. The offense did not get going until the momentum shifted from the forced turnovers.

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