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2 points

Oh. That earns a report because we are supposed to debate, not trash talk. I won't take anyone having outlaw-like comments here. outlaw is enough of a disgrace here. STOP.

1 point

It's a non-binding agreement. Nuff said.

Since createdebate doesn't allow under 50 words, here is the continuation:

CA is doing something states have been doing for a while now, and that is writing a non-binding agreement. It doesn't break federal law, because it doesn't force CA to do anything at all. If is contains any mandatory term, that agreement will be automatically abolished. Understand?

P.S. Enough with the view names. That is very misleading in that the name assumes that this side thinks CA can override the feds.

1 point

Ahem, wrong topic here...

Anyways, our "rights" are what we give each other. There is no objective "right" that you have as a human in the universe, but we choose to have compassion for our own kind and write a code of ethics. Again, we are in the wrong space here, so I'll leave it at that.

2 points

I believe that Christianity, and Islam, and every other archaic religion did. They evolved, though. The people who didn't evolve with their religion are called fundies. Nobody likes them, mate.

1 point

Because you only ever hang out with retarded conservatives, that's why. There are smart conservatives and smart liberals, and there are stupid conservatives and stupid liberals. You only fought with the retards.

1 point

What business does the US have to do in Latin America, or SE Asia? Supporting their allies that we knew full well were authoritarian regimes? Wow.

1 point

Oh, and that also describes the Christian fundies. Fundies go together, I guess.

1 point

"Depending on how far back you're talking, they did; almost exclusively, in fact. And, surprise surprise, they were much healthier than when mass-agriculture came into being." - Explain how the lifespan at that time was 4 times shorter than ours.

1 point

"most civilized culture in human history" You mean racism, sexism, religious discrimination, and bigotry, compounded with the tendency to stick your nose in other countries' business? Civilized indeed.

Also, whites cause less violence, but they cause more of different crimes, like fraud. This is more divided by economic status than it is by race.

1 point

One could argue the same about Christianity. Same crime (homosexuality), same punishment (stoning). I don't see the difference here.

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