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2 points

That's very err.. Gory... But as long as it induces no pain to the prisoner, I'm okay with it.

If anyone comes near me or my family intending to wound, Yes. I would do anything. Even bite off their ear. (It could work :O

"There are two important moments in your life. One, the day you were born, two, the day you figure out why." -Mark Twain

"We were not born with a purpose, we were born to find a purpose." -Me after reading that inspiring Mark Twain quote

"YOLO" -The whole internet world

Love life and find that purpose. xoxoxoxo

Well yes. But not for being on Real Housewives Of New Jersey or something like that. I don't want to be famous for the wrong thing. I want to be famous for singing, being inspirational. I want to be famous for making speeches, or doing plays or musicals. I can see why people wouldn't want to be famous. Privacy, education, mostly privacy. I love to have attention though so... Umm I say yes, I would like to be famous.

OLIVES ARE EPIC! THEY TASTE LIKE.... UHHH... EPIC! As a lover of sour/salty foods like anchovies or capers... I LOVE OLIVES! Dey so good..

Wow, all of these comments have a lot of thought. Except below... XD

YES! YES I DID. AND IM PROUD! lol... I also overuse lol on the internet too. XD Omg I just did it again. Two things I overuse: XD and lol

2 points

That's so amazing... Faith in humanity restored. over restored. OVER FLOODING RESTORED-E-NESS!!!! He reminds me there are still epic people in the world.

2 points

They shouldn't be forced by the government! That's crazy. But I do believe boys should be allowed to play with barbies by their parents and no boy should be forced not to play with barbies. If they want to play with them, that's their choice.

Absolutely. Animals can feel pain, depression, loneliness, starvation, and neglected. They shouldn't be able to be mistreated just because they can't say their hurt. They shouldn't be hid away in a small space, isolated, just because they can't say they are uncomfortable or lonely. Just because a being can't talk, doesn't mean it doesn't have feeling.

Displaying 2 most recent debates.

Winning Position: No, They should be educated
Winning Position: Is it better to be outgoing or shy?

About Me

"LOVE debating! Girl, favorite color is green, and great witty comebacker especially to ignorant folk"

Biographical Information
Gender: Girl
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Religion: Atheist

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