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RSS Spadedude

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1 point

Because they are people too. Besides, if women were sittign round doing nothing, then they would be reaping benifits of the NHS and other things in this country supported by councils adn the government, but not paying taxes. Not contributing to society.

1 point

OK, so if you want to offend chiristians you can. As one myself I can say He has never left me. I can always feel his presence. If I ever stop that its because I have wondered away from him myself. It doesn't hurt. It gives me peace, hope and security. How can that hurt. I KNOW he loves me no matter what. I don't feel dirty or unclean becuase I ask his forgiveness and that of the person I hurt. He doesn't try to enter us, he lets us choose. Why do you try to make it sound luike sex or rape?

Why would you're parents need to know? stop implyinfg that person is a mindless idiot. They aren't they are showing you their heart.

He also can be with EVERY ONE AT ONCE. And yes, my friend became a christian and has stopped wanting to commit suicede. Like me.

1 point

No. Its just a lot of meat eaters eat more fat and gristle than meat, which is how MacDonalds and KFC make their food. Actually, we need meatt. It is the only source of food where we can find the perfect balance of amino acids. (proteins)

1 point

Actually, in most school CHILDREN are not allowed MOBILES. (we are not baby goats, we are children). Also, in a family emergancy the workplace (reception deak ) could be contacted.

1 point

One, the amount of time wasted on phones is much more than that wasted in a family emergancy where they'd have to leave anyway. Two, yes, they know that they shouldn't use them. THey also know not to slag off special needs kids, swear, set too much homework or none at all, arrive late and tell us of for that, and to cheat to inprove their class results for promotion. But they do.

2 points

NO. Why should they get that priviledge. Besides, they are there to work, not phone people up. THey can be contacted via the reception desk in an emergancy. They choose to be there, we DO NOT and we aren't allowed them.

(However, we got to sing happy birthday to our spainsh teacher's mum. THat's not the point.)

1 point

Exatly my point. Even though I said pretend neither are famous in anyway, you just saw them in the street kind of thing, you ignored it. Besides, putting a group of boys singing bad songs, not even as a group but taking it in turns and people not liking them as a group but one in particular, that;s wrong. Who caused it? Harry. If I look at him as the pop star you do I see a fake guy leading people astray, dominating their lives and ruining most of teh rest of life's pleasures. And wasting their money.

1 point

Nah, to make it fair I searched them on google and picked the top photo. THe first option. Its not my fault the way google works, is it?

1 point

Everyone deserves love. He was brought up to hate and despise by his father who beat him up. THe only person he had to cling onto was his mother, and she spoilt him os he was lazy and brat-y. Then she went and dided, her doctor was Jewish. His history teacher encouraged his enthusiasm for Germany. He was born a powerful man with a gift for words. He was tipped to teh wrong team by this cruel earth. He still deserves love. He deserves comfort. So did teh jews, the homosexuals, the Jehova's witnesses, the weaker people. But so did Hilter.

1 point

That depends on where you live as to the death penalty. Also, it means did he deserve life. I think murderes deserve life but they are considered too dangerous in many American states to live. He can still deserve it. Also, the question never mentions trials. YOu can deserve somethign but be comdemed to not have it by a court.

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