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2 points

Amarel was never the sharpest tool in the box. Seven guns but only two hands.

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1 point

Anarchy is the only freedom there is. Any type of law which restricts or punishes certain behaviours is an effort to control society in some way, and hence make it less free.

1 point

Democracy is grounded in the idea of a politically educated electorate. Absent that factor it is little more than a popularity contest.

1 point

Answer his question dumbass. Why do you tell so many lies? Are u even aware u r lying?

2 points

Obviously yes because everything is perfect and there are no problems in the world, so everyone who protests is a loser.

You are so mad it isn't even funny.

2 points

I think u r right. Mental illness is the only real reason someone would tell such grandiose lies. I mean, it isn't even close. Right wingers are the ones who protest violently and kill people. All the research proves it. But then obviously they just say the research is biased. Best off not even talking to these idiots because they are straight up delusional in the mind.

1 point

I'm playing Divinity Original Sin 2. After I finish this I might give Dragon's Dogma a go.

2 points

You serve yourself. Yeshua is a name you use to get what you want. Yeshua literally warned us about people like you.

2 points

Oh wow. You have got a debate up at the moment talking about Nom being "buttfucked" and you are seriously trying to accuse him of sexually harassing you? That's just... Wow.

1 point

And you were assimilated by the Borg dear. They took you away, drilled into your head and now you serve the forces of evil.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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