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All of the correlations between the politics of CD conservatives and Hitler.


I would totally bang an alien. I'm actually serious about that. It would be cool to be the first man to have sex with an alien.

SpiritOfWank(49) Clarified
1 point

There are no good guys

Well, there is no objective good and evil but the question is are they cancer to civilization or not? I say yes, but once again it goes back to the order VS freedom debate. You would say that civilization depends on "benevolent tyranny" to at least some extent to even exist but I say that true civilization is when you are free but still co-operating with the rest of your kind rather than infringing on their freedom or taking advantage of them. Is that possible? With the right collective mentality it is but not with the way humans are currently conditioned to think. My way does not require brainwashing because it is inherently logical and in everyone's self interest but the tyrants need to lie and silence those who see through it to stay in power.

in a world where some are powerful and none, even those totally exposing every detail of how obvious they are, can stop them

The only thing that gives them power over others is the superstitious belief that they have wealth and authority based on made up social constructs. In order to change the system, all you have to do is show people the truth and manage not to get silenced.

I think in all societies from the top of reality down to us, most end up being 'good enough' and the real scumbags end up outcasted.

I think you are wrong, because there are plenty of scumbags who are at the top of society and plenty of "good" people who are outcasted.

I guess it all depends what God truly is or wants though. What is the single most powerful being sided with? That's the issue, she's one neutral monster and laughs no matter who wins.

If she was real, I don't think she would be sided with anyone, but instead just allowing things to unfold for her entertainment.

Here's a question just for fun, what do you think God looks like? Does she have boobies?

SpiritOfWank(49) Clarified
1 point

If the Illuminati are the good guys, why do they constantly lie and kill people?

SpiritOfWank(49) Clarified
1 point

I looked up the logos and after looking them over I see a lot of the symbols you're talking about but plenty lack them. It seems the would-be Hebrew 6 is stylized to look like a rocket contrail. A lot of them look nothing like the 6, some of them look like an I or just an arrow (the I shape however is close to another way to write the 6 in Hebrew).

SpiritOfWank(49) Clarified
1 point

No I don't.

Why not? Weed is like super good. (by the way I'm still waiting for you to accept the Webby vs K debate on DA. If you really think Webby is a better rapper why do you feel the need to alter the context of the debate?)

I am addicted to caffeine

Me too, I drink 4 coffees or more a day.

the Pagan company of Monster which has the Hebrew symbol for 6 repeated 3 times to make its M, a cross that also has a curve that makes it into a trident as its 'o' in Monster and has the slogan (which matches its 666 logo) as 'unleash the beast'. :)

I never noticed that before. What significance does 666 have according to your religion/worldview?

The same 'swoosh' 7-looking symbol that is really '6' in Hebrew, also known as the AVA symbol, is in every single NASA mission logo and every single space agency logo and military corp logo on Earth.

I'm going to have to look that one up.

Do you smoke weed too Mingi? You sound like you smoke a lot more weed than I do.

Yes, but only because I smoke so much weed. .

The fact that there is climate change that is not caused by humans does not disprove that climate change can be caused by humans.

I'll make you tap dance with a banana up your ass while I fuck a jar of mayonaise. Then I will make you a sandwich with the mayonaise and you won't be able to tell because jizz looks like mayonaise.

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