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RSS Sportyfun1

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1 point

There's no in between, but I think every case is different. For instance, I think that most kids don't really NEED one. They would mostly just use it to play candy crush or something. I think the kids that DO need one are the ones that play sports or have stuff to do after school. They might need a phone to call their parents if they need it. In this case, they might do well with a phone that will only call their parents and 911, if such a phone even exists.

Sportyfun1(84) Clarified
1 point

T h a n k s. 😫😫😫😫

Sportyfun1(84) Clarified
1 point

Are you messing with me??? Of course I don't know how to go above 50 characters so I'm writing this.

Sportyfun1(84) Clarified
1 point

What, do you unlock it or something? I guess I'll have to look it up. The Internet has an answer for everything these days 😉

Sportyfun1(84) Clarified
1 point

How did you do that????? I don't know how to go below 50 characters so I'm writing this.

Sportyfun1(84) Clarified
1 point

Good question. When I said learn, I meant understand. So if you learned it, you would be able to explain how to do it. Tactile learners actually have to DO the worksheet to get it. They can't just look at the paper and get it.

I've never heard anything about the learning style being affected by the number of times it was done, heard, or seen.

Imagining it is visual because if you are visual, you have to see something to get it. So when you imagine something, your mind is "seeing" it, thus helping it comprehend a story or lesson.

Tactile just means that you have to do something to learn, as I mentioned earlier. You also remember what was done rather then what you've seen or heard. For example, to learn how to put together a computer, tactile learners usually want to throw away the directions and do it themselves.

Like I said, when you hear it then picture it, your mind is making a picture for you to "see."

I looked up situational, and from what I've gathered, does it mean you learn from any of the above?

Sportyfun1(84) Clarified
1 point

Lol. Thanks, I get that a lot. Oh, this has to be 50 characters so I'm writing this right now.

Sportyfun1(84) Clarified
1 point

Sorry if my comment seemed rude, I didn't mean anything by it.

1 point

Three men work at a construction sight, and they look out from the top of a beam while opening their lunches.They are about three stories high. The first man takes out chicken. He groans loudly, saying, " I have gotten chicken EVERY day for the past ten years. If I get chicken one more day, I will jump off this beam." The next man takes out his lunch, and sees he got chicken. He groans loudly and proclaims he will jump off the beam if he gets chicken one more time. The third man takes out his lunch, and sees he got chicken. He groans and says the same thing the other men say, that he will jump off the beam if he gets chicken one more time. The next day the men climb the beam and see what they got. The first name got chicken. He sticks to his word and jumps off the beam. He is immediately killed. The next man sees he has gotten chicken. He jumps off the beam and is killed. The third man, lo and behold, has gotten chicken. He jumps off the beam and is killed. A few days later, at the funeral, the wife of the first man cries, "If only I had known he didn't like chicken, I would have packed him something different!" The wife of the second man says the same thing. Everyone waits for the wife of the third man's speech. She says, "Don't look at me, he packs his own lunch!" I found this on a website and do not take any credit for this joke.

1 point

I thought it was amusing where she puts her hands up the first time, but I kinda felt bad when she falls on her face.

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Winning Position: Are you a tactile, visual, or auditorial learner?
Winning Position: The are NO hidden messages!
Winning Position: No! Are you crazy?
Winning Position: Yes, it is so annoying

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