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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

The left is about to push Bloomberg through, a man who is everything they say Trump is times 100.

1 point

Youtube is controled by leftists. They will let you know what you can and cannot say. Check with your leftist masters for a list of what you can and cannot do.

1 point

But wouldn't they be best suited to know what is happening at the border and give advice on what to do?

-1 points

I found the user you are referencing finally while scrolling through debates. It looks almost like the Green Lantern symbol or something.

With an internet search I couldn't find any poltical symbols that are a lightning bolt.

-1 points

I copied and pasted the text into google, and it appears it is text from a story written by a black Liberal.

0 points

I'm not bronto. Everyone already knows bronto was blocked for point farming. Any new news?

1 point

I guess since you downvote me, that means no link to what you are talking about.

1 point

I don't see anyone under the name GreenStorm. Can you provide a link?

1 point

I looked at the link. It's from 187 days ago.

Once I looked at his waterfall in recent times, it looks like this.

1 point

-Marxists attempting to take over a Western nation through indoctrinization of their orthodoxy. Just sayin.

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