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RSS Stephiscold

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

You had me until you said the protesters were praising Communism.. Uhhhh, NO they didn't.

1 point

I own property all over the place, and they're ALL my neighborhoods..

Isn't that colonialism and most assuredly an argument against minorities being held down by the system?

1 point

Why are you defending a white person that hates Jews, when you are a Jew?

1 point

Doesn't matter what the dictionary says bro. You've already admitted that the most racist areas in the country virtually have no Republicans. Chew on that dawg.

1 point

In terms of history, Castro dedicated himself to having the best medical care in the world for his citizens

Imagine how poorly they must be treated by their government to flee their excellent healthcare system to come to the United States by crossing a shark infested ocean in a rubber raft.

1 point

Couple things.. General Millie said he was WRONG to involve the military in politics

Is it wrong to involve intelligence agencies in politics?

1 point

Yeah, I saw the guy trashing Jews like Hitler, and he called me a monkey about a month ago. He needs the gulag bro.

1 point

This speaks to why you has no basic social skills. You need to develope those skills by upping your game and stop making excuses.

1 point

Black people being racist isn't a thing man. You're making up things that aint things.

Snape is a racist to. There's no black folks in Harry Potter. Thats why you watching it.

1 point

You is racist by finding the whitest, most albino picture you could find as your profile pic fam.

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Tied Positions: What's good vs. What it do

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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