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RSS StickinStone

Reward Points:649
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StickinStone(649) Clarified
1 point

It's the same on my windows lap top and on my iPhone .

In that other debate you said you learned history .

Haha sorry. Joke from "the office", an American show that originated in Britain. Fact

StickinStone(649) Clarified
1 point

Hmm. I think that the proof of sitting on something that is not a chair is a positive. If you have venn diagrams you can prove a negative only by positively affirming a different category. I think this is where the statement comes from.

Beets, Bears, Battlestar Galactica .

When you say "convince one or more people", do you count yourself? That would mean that all opinions are proved.

And if it only takes one other person and you are successful, but 3 disagree, is it proved?

If what you are trying to prove is self evident and undeniable to logic, but you are on a deserted island with no one to prove it to, is it proved?

Can you prove a negative when proving an apposing positive is not an option?

A suicidal person is not necessary to themselves .

There penalty is immediate. They live a life out of touch with reality, which if you are an atheist should be the closest thing to God. I guess the penalty is separation from Reality/God...Atheist Hell.

I sure as hell couldn't. Who ever got her that chain is probably loaded.

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