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RSS StingySkank

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1 point

Hello again, hater:

To believe that is STUPID

Explain how someone in Moscow would go about changing Hunter Biden's emails that the left wing media admits are authentic. Explain how that would be done for us.

1 point

Not sure what Trump has to do with your party helping the Chinese Communist Party create viruses, but it's very sickening to watch you laugh about it and show what Democrats really are.

1 point

The black man is a product of the Democratic Party and its attempt to create a second class citizenry to keep it in power with bribes of no consequence but just enough that they don't turn on and kill the Democrats in power. The New Deal made blacks dependent on white Democrats, so blacks can never leave. The Democrats own an entire race of people who cannot escape, sadly.

-1 points

It took another three months after WHO declared the virus a global health emergency for Trump to take the drastic action WHO stipulated was necessary

The WHO declared this a pandemic in March.

They rebuked the travel bans which experts say helped the US flatten the curve prior to community spread.

You are the definition of being a liar.

WHO declares pandemic-- pandemic/

WHO says not to implement travel bans--

Transcript of State of the Union--

Travel ban in January--

-2 points
-1 points

By that logic Trump downplayed the risk and mislead the public so let's take him out of office NOW.

He talked about Coronavirus in the State of the Union that Pelosi ripped up and the China travel ban was in January. The WHO didn't declare a pandemic until March and suggested Trump not ban Chinese travel .

WHO declares pandemic-- pandemic/

WHO says not to implement travel bans--

Transcript of State of the Union--

Travel ban by Trump in January--

Explain what "part he played", so the rest of us know what it is.

2 points

Can You Afford Retirement at high Price?

Get an Acorn app, and you'll have enough to retire.

1 point

Do People on Earth During the Seven Years of Tribulation Get a Second Chance to Believe?

They had 10,000 chances prior to the rapture.

1 point

Should animals, have legal protections?

It depends on what the protections are.

1 point

That isn't a Yahoo News article you lying fascist scumbag

I checked it out. It is Yahoo News. It even says inserted into the link itself.

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