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RSS Strange

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1 point

I'm for the good parts of anything, and against the radicals that want to tell us what we MUST do, what we MUST believe

Then you must hate the Democratic Party and its state run media.

1 point

Joe Biden seems to be their primary 2020 candidate, would you say he's more of a socialist or a corporate shill who supports the status quo?

He's a shape shifting useful idiot for the Communist Globalists.

1 point

Now robots like you believe the manure you are fed when the government tells you it was all the big bad terrorist's fault.

The left runs the agencies, schools, media and government.

1 point

How did America get involved with these countries in the first place?

Europe begged us to.

1 point

You are an intellectually dishonest shit-stain. Giovanni studied Marxism, but no where does it say he was a communist

Yes it does.

Strange(30) Clarified
1 point

But if she has to report it to the police, she is less likely to make a false claim for the sake of an abortion, as that would be a crime.

It sounds as though you are pro rape. Gosh you are sick.

1 point

Not trying to be insensitive, but your nephew wouldn't have been seen for months in a Socialized healthcare system.

1 point

Ok, so why would anyone believe they are the only one that exists???

1 point

Um. Why do you think you are the only one who exists?

1 point

I'm sick & tired of the Liberals destroying everything they touch like atom bombs. Gross.

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Tied Positions: End of Democratic Party vs. A revolution
Winning Position: How do you get rid of guilt?
Winning Position: What is your strongest topic to debate on?

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