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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

This looks to me like another Trumpling version of "grasping at straws".

What do you mean? This is the exact path of logic the left uses to promote the Obama economy.

1 point

This week, the people who got their jobs back last week, LOST 'em again.

Unfounded claim with no source because it's an unfounded claim. What makes it the most obvious is that jobs numbers are done monthly, and there clearly are no July numbers yet because the month just started.

1 point

Less accidents

Less crime

Less energy use

Better sleep

More recreation and economic activities

Dude. We are about to face a full blown civil war. You'd best hope you have a country left first.

1 point

Nahhh... I've ordered MY battalion of ANTIFA fighters to attack Bumfuk..

By Bumfuk I assume you mean Conservative country. They can't even take over a city when the mayor has the police stand down. You want them massacred by right wingers in masks with military class weapons?

OR, we'll just sit back and watch the Bumfukians DIE from the virus.. This revolution will be the ONLY one in history where one side took itself out with a self inflicted disease..

Left wing zealots are in the streets passing the virus to each other by the millions. What do you mean with this statement?

1 point

Yawn... Lemme see.. Anti fascism means fascism.

If you attack liberals in a liberal city, burn down said city, and have no Conservatives present, you are a Fascist, not because of lebels but rather, because of what you are DOING.

Fascists are communists.

A Communist created Fascism. Jesus Christ dude. Do I need to start checking you for a pulse?

Nazis have socialist in their name, so they're communist too..

Dude, you just implied above that ANTIFA is antifascist because their name says antifascist. Now you reject that the title National Socialist means right wing Capitalist? What is wrong with you?

Everybody knows, the Democrats are communists..

Many are. Many aren't. That's why the party looks like a roller coaster that has flown off the tracks. You have two incompatable ideologies fighting for control of one party.

Yawn.... Dude! Step away from the FOX News.. It's rotting your brain.

Have you ever actually studied left wing media??? They are a daily compilation of contradictory narratives in comparison to their past narratives.

0 points

His argument is so incredibly stupid. Even though it's almost certainly false he's claiming that just because some evil dick claimed he supported or voted for Obama, that makes Obama or the left guilty. It's whataboutism at it's dumbest, it's so far beyond weak I'm not sure how to describe it. 'pathetic' maybe.

It's proof that he's a fake leftist pawn. No one attends Occupy Wallstreet, cries over voting for Obama twice, then becomes a white supremacist the day Trump becomes President, then calls his fake, tiny Neo Nazi group "Unite the Right". It's clearly an Alinsky disciple using an Alinsky tactic.

I will say that in a weird way it's somewhat uplifting to see how idiotic these assholes are but at the same time sad to see how many weak minded two legged turds we have among us.

The left thinks "words are violence" and demands safe spaces. It wears pink stocking caps during marches. Jesus Christ, you are a dumbass living in an alternate "woke" reality.

1 point

I do find it rather humorous however you listed Universities though. Yeah facts and reality tend to have a left leaning bias oof.

I find it humorous that you don't put together that if that is true, all of this student debt and predatory lending on loans was from the left who are now cleverly dangling the cancelling of the debt they created in front of other leftists as if the debt were a hostage negotiation, just to have saddled leftists with debt and a degree that yields less income than Conservatives on average. Looks like the joke is on the poor to middle class left, sponsored by the elites on the left.

1 point

Boogaloo is a Communist propaganda buzz word used to promote the idea that ANTIFA has an enemy coming against them in the streets, despite there being no actual faction attacking them in the streets. This is examplified in that many provably ANTIFA members have been arrested. No right wing people are being arrested because they aren't present.

Somebody beat me to having to go on a droning rant myself.

1 point

Are there any news stations with a Special Segment called: COVID-19 Lock-Down 2020?

1 point

Every doctor in the world advises people to wear sunblock if there is a risk of being exposed to UV radiation you retard.

Doctors using Chemotherapy radiation will be thoroughly unimpressed with your layman retort.

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Tied Positions: You can't make this stuff up vs. Were Nazi death camps in 2016
Winning Position: Bad
Winning Position: Don't enable these fools
Winning Position: Media lies a lot

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