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1 point

The left says the government can't compel speech until it can. They say it's a private company, then demand it does as it is told by big brother government. Corporatism now rules the West.

1 point

I don't like either of them, so I could not care less. Both are establishment shills there to make right wingers feel like they have a voice. They do not have a voice. The entire media complex is built on protecting their owners, the millionaires and the billionaires. Key word there is entire.

1 point

By the way, try learning something today.

1 point

Hah ha ha! Losing millions of jobs, then recovering 200,000 quickly isn't adding jobs you dolt. It's recovering 1/15th of what you destroyed. You're own article points out that inflation is through the roof because it can't spin rising costs that people can physically see when they go to the store.

1 point

Yes. Ships blocked en mass at ports, same wages vs higher prices, and nothing on the shelves is what an economy in shambles looks like.

1 point

Hmm, yes. You cant talk about the joblesness numbers or inflation, so try to switch to some obscure, fuzzy, unrelated logic. Hey lookie here, all things considered, it could be worse, wink wink. Nothing to see here folks. Just ignore your empty wallet and the rising costs and trust that the ship isn't sinking and on fire. That's not smoke you see or smell. That's fog from the mystical fog world.

1 point

This looks to me like another Trumpling version of "grasping at straws".

What do you mean? This is the exact path of logic the left uses to promote the Obama economy.

1 point

This week, the people who got their jobs back last week, LOST 'em again.

Unfounded claim with no source because it's an unfounded claim. What makes it the most obvious is that jobs numbers are done monthly, and there clearly are no July numbers yet because the month just started.

1 point

Less accidents

Less crime

Less energy use

Better sleep

More recreation and economic activities

Dude. We are about to face a full blown civil war. You'd best hope you have a country left first.

1 point

Nahhh... I've ordered MY battalion of ANTIFA fighters to attack Bumfuk..

By Bumfuk I assume you mean Conservative country. They can't even take over a city when the mayor has the police stand down. You want them massacred by right wingers in masks with military class weapons?

OR, we'll just sit back and watch the Bumfukians DIE from the virus.. This revolution will be the ONLY one in history where one side took itself out with a self inflicted disease..

Left wing zealots are in the streets passing the virus to each other by the millions. What do you mean with this statement?

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Winning Position: Can't get votes otherwise
Tied Positions: This is who they are vs. Only way they can get votes
Tied Positions: He knows but lied anyway vs. He has Alzheimer's or somethin
Tied Positions: Check mate vs. Nothing burger
Winning Position: Don't practice what they preac

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