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RSS Subcreature

Reward Points:26
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Looked to me like it said that Grenache be a mouth expert... *

1 point

This one may be retarded. He don't even know rational thought from irrational thought. dang...

1 point

I'm not going to do anything. The left is so far gone, that the right just freaking gave up hope, and gave them Trump as an Armageddon present.

1 point

Science? Could be $500,000 a year. Liberal Arts. You eat Ramen Noodles with ketchup and hope the water stays on.

1 point

I'm goin with dat Darth Maul feller. He looks like a liberal Nazi to me. I cud be wrong but he looks like he hates siths out of self hate. Yep. He be a liberal aight.

1 point

The Paris Treaty sucks balls. All of the European contracts are about social control by a one world government. We don't want it. Why do you? Are you not smart? This is the same group that thinks Islam is a "religion of peace". We don't want anyone who hasn't read the Quran dictating public policy per Islam because the Quran says to slaughter every last one of us.

1 point

What kind of smoking OP? Weed smoking? Crack smoking? Cigarette smoking? Admit what you mean.

2 points

Oh look. It's the independent that can't keep their nasty little mitts out of Obama's pants. Liberal... liberal... liberal... Yes, Cartman is a proven leftist bs artist.

2 points

1)You spelled "liar" incorrectly...

2)If you'd fought in Korea, you'd understand that foreign cultures are not something we want over here with our brothers, sisters, and kids, or are you a psychopath? Just admit it if you're stupid or insane.

1 point

"But with that said, it has not been proven that this is yet the time. Sure, Trump is a complete reversal from everything we've seen for 30 years"

So was Obama. You stood there like a sheep. You stood there with your thumb up your butt, and did nothing because you stand for nothing. It's okay, we took up the slack because we are men. We got this. The wussbags can hit the showers and "hope for the best".

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Religion: Wiccan

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