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10 most recent arguments.

My very own religion is Voodoo. This is not bad, as most people seem to think of it, but it is actually very interestin. Everyone, keep it clean please!

I personally think that the best rapper would have to be Twista. The dude is fast, very good, and has a smooth voice.

Most men would have to agree, but I am not most men. I personally prefer the ass over the other body parts. It usually feels nice, you can use it to pull them closer, it's nice to stare at, and it makes an excellent headrest!

There you go usin Biblical terms once again. It's better to keep your mouth shut (in this case, fingers still) and let people think you're a fool, than to open your mouth (once again, move your fingers) and remove all doubt.

Even heterosexuals, more heteros than homos, actually, hate sex. Well, at least don't like it. And she's right. Many homosexuals don't like to have sex. I personally love sex, but that's because I'm just a freak. And cuz I'm good at it. Haha. But like I have said, many people, heteros and homos alike, don't like sex.

But you're not the same as everyone else.

No one is the same as the next person. Everyone is different. Learn before you teach.

They become brainwashed into thinking homosexuals are normal human beings.

They are human beings, but no one is "normal".

I wasn't talking about your actual dreams....

Nor was I.

I will ultimately go to heaven just because of that.

Are you really and truly that ignorant? How much of the Bible have you even read? I thought you weren't a Christian? Which lie are we suppose to believe?

Gays have the right to marriage. Gays have the right to adopt children.

Gays do not have the right to marriage. They do have the right to adopt, but still. Many people see it as "wrong" when there is absolutely nothin wrong with it at all. What I can't stand is people who say one thing and mean another. Marriage is to someone you love, not someone of the opposite gender. If you look back in time, marriage was already ruined when royal families were forced to marry either in the family or to another royal family to get more power. That is wrong. All we want is the right to marry who we love.

You're asking for extra rights where you want to 'marry' somebody of the same gender.

Do you agree with interracial marriages? Or are you against those too? Because black people have the right to marry someone, but not anyone different than their own race. Now, they can marry whoever they want, because they have equal rights. The same with womens' rights. They have the right to vote and everything else now. Are you against that as well? Women worked hard for that. They have equal rights, which are called womens' rights because they had to fight for them. First women, then blacks, now us.

A homosexual relationship is not normal or healthy

How are our relationships anything but healthy? Many homosexual relationships are actually healthier than heterosexual ones. It may be slightly out of the norm, but what is normal? No one is the same as someone else. No one.


This is not a choice. This is somethin we were born with, somethin that we have to deal with. We're attracted to the same sex, it's not our fault. We can not ignore those attractions.

KKK ignore black people??????

Anti-semites ignore jews?????

Yes. Ultimately they leave them alone and ignore them.

But you're trying to create your own gay little world and have gay little families with little gay kids with big gay hopes and dreams. Gay tv, gay movies even gay foods, gay rights of gay 'marriage' and gay adoption - you're just making it one big gay world - which DOES affect me.

We want what everyone else has. Don't watch the gay TV or movies. What gay foods? Please tell me this. Not all of our dreams are gay. Very few are actually. I'm trainin to be an OB/GYN, which is not gay. Just because parents are gay don't mean the kids will be. Most gay people come from straight parents. We're not tryin to create a gay world. We have to keep it secret because of people like you.

I thought you said you were born gay. Obviously you were not created equal then. FOOL. You should be allowed straight rights, just like everybody else, but the fact that there's gay rights obviously shows that it's not equal treatment.

Just because we want to be equal? We offend you because we want to have what you have? We want to be able to marry, and we can't because of stupid people such as yourself? The mindset you have is the same as people had during the Holocaust. Hitler was Anti-Semite. So you're sayin if we put all of the homosexuals in concentration camps and ended their lives that there would be no more? So you're sayin that people who create new medical cures were created different from people who run large companies because they're different from each other and they're not equal?

Thank you. That is very nice of you to say.............. :-)

I love this song. It's one of my most favorites. :-))))))))

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About Me

"I am just a student in high school with big dreams for the future. I love everyone, and don't have the body part that allows you to hate. :-)"

Biographical Information
Name: Robert Henline
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Libertarian
Country: United States
Postal Code: 46120
Religion: Christian-other
Education: High School
Via IM: im[email protected]

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