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RSS Sudhanva

Reward Points:4
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2 points

Let me just put it in simple terms: anything that results in the death of innocent people is wrong. The Taliban are self-righteous, and have no right to kill, to defy human value. Extremism is never the solution. Let them resort to strikes and other forms of revolution that does not include bloodshed, ther's nothing sinful about that. Whoever they might be, and whatever they might be fighting for, be it something as noble as freedom or something as non-existing or mythical or made-up as jihad, they have no right whatsoever to end human life, or to contaminate the image of Islam.

3 points

Get your facts updated. The caste system in India is hanging by a thread. India, even after being mercilessly and greedily exploited by foreigners, has still managed to surface as the second fastest developing country of the world. As for being an uneducated and impoverished country - India is swiftly eradicating illeteracy and poverty. It might take some time, though, for India's has the world's second largest population.

And when you call India a racist country I take it as a personal insult. True there is that tiny population in the country that is racist, but if you are ready to oversee the fact that ''a few Indians have managed to exploit their overwhelmingly impoverished and uneducated citizenry in order to produce crappy products for next to nothing, it does not make them any kind of shining beacon for the world'', then so am I ready to ignore that small fragment of racists to consider that other large fragment of people with unimaginable potential.

And off the record, if the British had not plundered India and kept her in darkness for over two centuries, I am overly confident on the fact that India would have emerged as the world's most powerful country, considering her now-lost store of covetous natural resources, minerals, and glory.

You call India's vast population as a burden, David, but you will be proved wrong when, one day, India WILL break free from the chains of externally inflicted poverty and illeteracy and emerge as one of the leading countries of the world. Even now you can see that India is wanted by all major powers of the world. 2010 has proven this. The American President, the British Prime Minister, the French President, Russian and Chinese leaders want peaceful relations with India, for all know that the future is India.

But I have to agree that that future is quite far off, if you consider India's unstable relationship with neighbouring country Pakistan, the threat of the Naxalites and other problems. But I have faith that India will solve all these problems and become again what she had been in the past for today's great powers - a beacon, covetous and priceless.

1 point

Totally. India might be the oldest country in the world, but if shee needs rapid progress she must trust her young population. Indian politics today is contaminated with scams, corruption, disfunctioning etc. India needs young and new faces to emerge. Politics is no evil, and only the youth can prove that.

1 point

Obviously! If civilisation is to ever move forward in a productive direction, science and religion must march together. There's science in religion, and religion and science. True, they are considered quite opposing in nature, but many great scientists like Einstein, Newton and Da Vinci believed in God, and many prophets and saints encouraged scientific thought. Evolution is a widely accepted theory, and there's nothing wrong with a person believing in God also propagating scientific ideas.

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