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RSS SunziReturns

Reward Points:42
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The only form of actual privilege is good choice privilege.

You are genuinely an idiot. Please shut up indefinitely.

... Coffee is a plant.

So is poison ivy, your point?

have you ever read the ingredients list on your monster?

I have it memorized and know the properties of every ingredient.

Can you even pronounce everything on that list?


I drink filtered water with lemon and lime squeezed in it.

That can certainly activate a person due to the life-energy of the fruit opening your chakras. But have you considered something with obscene amounts of caffeine? I think that might work a bit better.

Ahahahahahaha! That's because you're a faggot.

Shut your homophobic ass up Nom. Water with lemon and lime squeezed in it is good for you.

I look at things as they are and only if they're fucked up do I look to interpret the methodology used.

Translation: I look at things at face value and only truly "think" after that approach backfires in my face.

SunziReturns(42) Clarified
1 point

Ehhhh, Monster DOES have some good tasting one's for sure. But I still prefer the taste of Red Bull.

If you prioritize that, then that's on you. All I am saying is that Monster is better in terms of energy.

Honestly if you're drinking 4 cans of Monster a day, it doesn't really sound like you're getting much sustainable energy.

Trust me, I feel like I'm on crack 24/7. I don't recommend it, but I am highly addicted and willing to cut 30 years off my lifespan to stay jacked up because it makes me feel like an all-powerful alien overlord.

Energy drinks are poisnus and the giving you an energy because they create an response that triggers adrenalsine due for the toxins.

You have no idea the mechanisms and interactions of compounds such as caffeine, taurine, inositol etc. so kindly shut your mouth.

SunziReturns(42) Clarified
1 point

I usually go for Red Bull when I want something stronger than coffee. Monster has some good one's too but the other is my go to.

Red Bull is scientifically inferior to Monster in terms of energy and sustainability of said energy. Trust me, I have compared them based on their ingredients and the ratios thereof and tried and compared every energy drink on the market on top of that. I am a supreme energy drink veteran and I personally drink 4 Monsters a day. That's how experienced I am, I can drink 4 Monsters a day and not die. You should trust everything I say about it and even trust my medical advice.

SunziReturns(42) Clarified
1 point

"This is true because it means this, which means this, which leads to it being true." :-(

You didn't properly interpret the methodology used to communicate with a highly left-brain-hemisphere individual. You don't derive the justification of the premise from the premise, you state the premise and then describe what leads to it. Its not "my conclusion is true because my conclusion means this" but rather " here is my conclusion because this means this which means this and so on until you get to my conclusion"

SunziReturns(42) Clarified
1 point

It's good to see someone who has the sense to go for the sugar free healthy option

There are sugar free energy drinks, and energy drinks are more effective than coffee generally. I recommend Monster, Bang or Reign.

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Winning Position: What is the best energy drink in your opinion and why?

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